After Kerry Speech, Netanyahu Just Dropped A Massive Truth Bomb…Accuses Obama Of THIS! [WATCH]

All true friends of Israel are impatiently waiting for January, namely, Inauguration Day in the United States. By then, the enemies of the Jewish state will have left the Oval Office. And among those waiting, by far the most important – and the most patient – is Benjamin Netanyahu himself. But his patience is still being tested.

You may recall the shameful resolution passed a few days ago at the Israel-hating United Nations, where it was declared that perfectly legal Israeli neighborhoods are actually an occupation (never mind, for the moment, that it’s impossible for an indigenous people to occupy their own land). While the UN has passed many an ugly resolution like this, this was the first time the US abstained from the vote, and refused to use its veto power.

The story is bad enough as it is. But it just got worse.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said yesterday: We have it on absolutely incontestable evidence that the United States organized, advanced and brought this resolution to the United Nations Security Council. We will share that information with the incoming administration. Some of it is sensitive, it’s all true.

You can watch the speech here:

Leave it to the top-notch spies at Mossad to confirm what true conservatives already knew – Obama was, and is, no friend of Israel, and he has created the most anti-Israel administration the United States has ever seen. Rarely has relations between two friendly countries been so tested as they have these past eight years.

Netanyahu’s statement came in response to a cowardly speech given by outgoing secretary of state John Kerry, who undoubtedly had a hand in orchestrating the anti-Israel resolution at the UN. And while Bibi’s whole speech was a gem, by far the best part was the blunt promise outlined above: “we will share that information with the incoming administration.” It seems Israel, like many other countries around the world, is so eager to start working with Trump that they’re already bypassing the Obama administration completely.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the Trump effect is real.

Given Obama’s history of snubs, anti-Israel speeches, and outright betrayals, it’s a wonder that Netanyahu hasn’t lost his cool before now. It’s the mark of a true leader to keep calm under pressure and hatred, even if the wait for a true friend is eight long years.

Well, to Bibi, hats off to you, sir. My fellow conservatives and I eagerly await what developments may come from the relationship between you and president Trump.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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