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Things are not going well in France. If it isn’t the radical Islamists creating disturbances, it’s Neo-Nazis. And then there is the political turmoil generated by the recent elections. It’s a sad state of affairs for a nation with such a rich history and so many beautiful cities with incredible architecture.

Nevertheless, they now have a fine assortment of problems – perhaps even crises. Tragically, they’ve brought some of it on themselves with their inappropriate and dangerous immigration policies. By introducing those who are not interested in embracing the French culture, but who are, in fact, at war with it, they have created a divide within the country. This division and the anger it has generated have motivated fringe groups to retaliate for real and alleged grievances.

One of the most serious and recent manifestation of rage against the nation’s leaders is the case of a 23-year old Neo-Nazi who has been arrested for planning to assassinate President Macron as well as launching attacks on other groups. Such is the state of modern France.

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“Police arrested a 23-year-old man Wednesday who was charged with planning to assassinate French President Emmanuel Macron during the Bastille Day parade on July 14th in Paris.

“The alleged plotter described himself as a ‘nationalist’ who planned on killing Macron along with Muslims, Jews, blacks, (and) homosexuals, a judicial source told The Guardian. The man said that he was looking to purchase a firearm during a video game room internet chat. Users tipped off authorities who found the suspect at his home in a north-west Paris suburb. Three kitchen knives were found in his vehicle.”

If nothing else, this demonstrates the morally corrosive nature of hate. If a person is consumed by hate, that hate will eventually consume that person, often with horrific consequences. Hence, when we see masses of Islamists or others engaging in demonstrations of unremitting hate, know that violence is not far behind.

“He was previously sentenced to three years in prison after condoning terrorism in 2016, but the terms of his sentence allowed him to be released after 18 months. He was a vocal supporter of Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, a Neo-Nazi who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.”

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Here again we see the problem of releasing violent prisoners after relatively short sentences. Unless repentant, or convinced that returning to a life of crime will only bring them more misery than trying to go straight, recidivism is often the result. More damaged property as well as injured and dead innocents are also a likely result.

Fortunately, this man was caught before he could kill. But how many more like him are out there?

Source: Daily Caller

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