Judge Neil Gorsuch Vote To Be Filibustered By The Left? 5 Reasons He Should Be Confirmed NOW!

The Senate Democrats all this week have done their best to distract from what otherwise should be a simple vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States.

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With Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, some Senate members are now pushing for a filibuster to stop the vote on confirming Neil Gorsuch. This has never happened in the history of confirming justices, and the Senate Republicans have threatened to go the “nuclear option” if the filibuster happens. Going nuclear means changing the needed 60 votes over to a simple majority of 51 votes.

But why all the fuss? What has Judge Neil Gorsuch done or said in his confirmation hearings to warrant such hostility and fighting? The answer is simple: nothing. It’s all about the Liberals getting their time on the mainstream media. So here you go, America. We’re going to give you five reasons why Judge Neil Gorsuch should be confirmed immediately!

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5. His opinions.

Judge Neil Gorsuch did not shy away from making a decision in support of Hobby Lobby, thereby allowing employers with religious beliefs to not cover contraceptives in their employer health benefits plan. His decision was so spot on that the Supreme Court also support Gorsuch’s opinion. You can watch Gorsuch explain his decision in his most recent confirmation hearings:

4. He is a constitutional originalist.

A constitution originalist is defined by Wikipedia as the following: “Originalists seek one of two alternative sources of meaning: The original intent theory, which holds that interpretation of a written constitution is (or should be) consistent with what was meant by those who drafted and ratified it.” Judge Gorsuch believes in following the Founders’ intentions, rather than base his decision on the whims and feelings of the day at hand, which is subject to change at any give moment. Here is his explanation:


3.  Because the Republicans didn’t filibuster either Elena Kagan or Sonia Sotomayor

During the recent days, when the Senate Democrats were in the majority, and Barack Obama was president, two SCOTUS nominees went up for confirmation votes. Though the Republicans did not support either of these two justices, they understood that a filibuster would not be the responsible thing to do, as a justice’s resume is more important than politics. We’ll talk more about that on #2.

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2.  Because the judge’s resume supercedes politics.

The judge to potentially become a Supreme Court justice must have a significant and incredible resume in order to be the right person for the job. In this case, through the confirmation hearing process, we have seen Judge Gorsuch explain himself in a very smart and thorough matter. Now it’s time for the Senate Democrats, under Chuck Schumer, to get over themselves and allow a vote. Why? Because the resume is there.

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1.  Because Judge Neil Gorsuch himself is above all politics.

Judge Neil Gorsuch understands that to be a Supreme Court Justice, you have to be apolitical, and review cases based upon the originality of the Founders and other previous court cases. No politics are involved. That is what will make him a good justice for America. Here is Gorsuch’s opinion: “If it looks like I’m giving hints or previews or intimations about how I might rule, I think that’s the beginning of the end of the independent judiciary…”

Democrats, stop this nonsense and vote Gorsuch in!

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