Guess Who SAVAGELY Murdered This Navy Veteran — MSM Ruthlessly SILENT!

America’s veterans deserve all the honor and respect we can give them and whenever one of them dies, this country is deprived of a hero.

These veterans have sacrificed so much when they joined the service, so when they are properly discharged, they deserve the our respect and care.

So when we find out that a veteran is murdered and robbed in front of his own home by a person who doesn’t legally have the right to even be here in this country, we are stunned. That is a preventable tragedy beyond understanding.

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The sad thing is, this happens all the time and the public rarely sees it in the mainstream media, because it involves an illegal immigrant and we all know they have a protected status among the media pundits of the looney left!

Jose Luis Oviedo, who served in the Navy from 1981 to 1990, died of injuries he sustained in a beating he received from a Honduran immigrant, Andres Roberto Ortiz, before the illegal immigrant stole Oviedo’s truck.

According to Conservative Tribune:

Jose Luis Oviedo, an Operation Desert Storm veteran, has died after an assault outside his Texas home on Jan. 29 left him in a coma.

Unfortunately, you likely won’t hear about this hero’s murder from the mainstream media, for one disgusting reason: The man who attacked and killed Oviedo was an illegal alien.

Andres Roberto Ortiz, originally from Honduras, beat the veteran into unconsciousness in his back yard before stealing his truck, according to KRGV.

Oviedo’s truck was later found wrecked in a nearby canal, which prompted law enforcement officers to visit his home, where he was found unconscious.

The 56-year-old veteran was placed on life support, but he never regained consciousness, and died on Feb. 24.

Ortiz was reportedly arrested more than a week after the incident and was initially charged with aggravated robbery, but because Oviedo died from his injuries, Ortiz was expected also to face capital homicide charges, according to Dennis Michael Lynch.

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Ortiz was detained on $2 million bail.

For Americans across the country, this is another example of why Donald Trump’s immigration ban policies are exactly what is needed.

Oviedo’s son, Victor, is now convinced of that fact after the tragedy.

“I had no real opinion as far as the immigration stance goes, but now I believe that something like this could have been prevented, had the right steps been taken,” the 29-year-old son said.

A GoFundMe page has been created for the family of the murdered veteran.

Preventable tragedies like this can be laid squarely at the feet of the Democrats and especially former President Obama, who steadfastly refused to enforce immigration laws of any kind.

If his reckless policies had continued…well…we really don’t want to consider that possibility, do we?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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