Awesome: Navy Fires Missile At Liberal Elites…America Is Cheering!

Barack Obama was the self-proclaimed source of “hope” for America.  But like so many such concepts, liberals are very willing to massage the meaning of the term to make it signify whatever they want. Somehow in 2009 we were to believe that Americans suffered from a deficit of hope, however Mr. Obama defined it, and that he was just the man to bring about its restoration.

What does matter is that real hope has returned to at least one branch of our armed services, and this is absolutely terrific news.

After reviewing some of the hopeful economic news and other signs that happier times are in store for Americans, Allen West shared some really encouraging news, reporting that, “[e]ffective immediately, enlisted sailors will officially regain their ratings, the traditional job titles that have inspired a deep cultural loyalty and that have defined enlisted career tracks for generations, Navy officials said.”

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Liberals, with their hatred of the traditions that make a nation and its institutions great, must be wailing in anguish as they see one of their social experiments die the ignominious death it so richly deserves:

“The move comes three months after the Navy stunned sailors around the world in September by eliminated ratings titles, including those such as boatswain’s mate that dated back to the founding of the service. The extraordinarily rare move comes after a fierce backlash from the fleet that became a distraction from the Navy’s broader effort to reform the antiquated personnel system, Navy officials said. Adm. John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, called it a ‘course correction’ and acknowledged the overwhelmingly negative reaction from the fleet was a key factor in the decision.”

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What those on the left cannot accept is that the military is not the place for radical social experimentation.  Its purpose is far too serious.  Its missions involve the use of deadly force, sometimes in the extreme.  It’s hard to image a worse place to conduct social engineering than in an institution on which millions of people’s lives depend.

Regarding the restoration of hope to our sailors, Mr. West so ably puts it, “…And the reversal of this decision is an indicator, that the voices of our Sailors were heard. These are our Sailors who are tired of being harassed at sea and forced to their knees by Iranians and Russians. These are our Warriors, part of that “Global Force for Good,” descendants of men such as John Paul Jones. They joined our Navy to set sail and guard our sea lanes of commerce and defend our way of life — not to be lab rats and experiment platforms for progressive socialists.”

West nails it. Military personnel are not “lab rats” to be used by leftist ideologues in their efforts to see what new and exciting things they can create with their social experimentation.  Keep in mind that these social engineers are sitting safely in their ivory towers while our military personnel are risking their lives to keep us safe.  Leftist social engineering and the military do not mix and never will.

This is welcome news indeed.  Those who serve our country deserve our respect, and part of that involves respecting the traditions under which those in our armed forces have served for hundreds of years.

As Mr. West says, “Anchors Aweigh!”

Source: Allen B. West

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