NASCAR Legend Richard Petty Joins Anthem Debate, And His Badass Message Has Patriots Cheering

It’s clear that some who play professional sports live in a world that is very different from their viewers.

Obviously, the money is a large part of it. And the celebrity status, for whatever that’s worth to their egos, is another part.

But they seem to have forgotten about their fans or just don’t care about them.

And those fans may not appreciate those players using their status to protest the national anthem or the flag.

In fact, if they work hard enough at it, these protesting players, mostly in the NFL for now, might be able to cause a real loss of viewership, which translates to a loss of money.

NASCAR apparently attracts a different sort of competitor.

Instead of disrespect for our country, we see pride in being an American and for what America stands.

On closer examination, we see the difference in what happens at an NFL game and a NASCAR race, and this reveals the dramatic difference in attitudes toward our country.

Via IJR:

“NASCAR legend Richard Petty, who is now a team owner, told the Associated Press:

Anybody that won’t stand up for the anthem ought to be out of the country. Period. What got ’em where they’re at? The United States.’

After being asked if people on his team choosing to protest the national anthem would be fired, Petty responded, ‘You’re right.’

The players in the NFL, or any other sport, who have chosen to disrespect our flag and national anthem are a disgrace to our country and their sport.

For them to square off against the president is their right, but it reveals them to be nothing but a bunch of overgrown crybabies, convinced that this nation has somehow wronged them.


In a way, they have been wronged. Either the way they were raised or the ideas to which they were exposed have warped their view of themselves and the country in which they are so blessed to live.

But that doesn’t take them off the hook for their behavior. The truth is available if they can shove their jumbo-sized egos aside long enough to see it.

Then again, if enough Americans change channels, stop buying tickets, and otherwise get so disgusted with the NFL that there’s a real financial impact, these entitled players might hit the truth like a brick wall.

Then they’ll find out just how the rest of us in this country live. It would be the best darn education they could ever get, too.

Sources: Associated PressIndependent Journal Review

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