Court Now Forcing Muslims To Obey, Uphold 1 New Conservative Law

The long overdue push-back against Muslim insistence that others accept and eventually follow their religious rules and laws has begun. Not in a major way, certainly. But the indigenous peoples of various countries are growing tired of being told that their ways of life and the cultures developed over the centuries by their ancestors are flawed, offensive, irreligious, and must be replaced.

As nations such as Germany cease to be German under the derelict leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel, others have had enough. Even France, which can be a progressive nation, is enacting laws to put restrictions on how much Muslim insistence on acceptance of its religious and cultural practices will be allowed to disrupt French society.

Now the European Court of of Human Rights has upheld the validity of a law forbidding niqabs in public, marking the end of full-face veils in Belgium. It’s about time.

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“The European Court of Human Rights upholds a Belgian ban on wearing the full-face niqab veil in public.

“The court rules that the restriction seeks to guarantee social cohesion, the ‘protection of the rights and freedoms of others’ and that it was ‘necessary in a democratic society,’ a statement says.

“It says a bylaw adopted in June 2008 in the three municipalities of Pepinster, Dison and Verviers ‘could be regarded as proportionate to the aim pursued, namely the preservation of the conditions of “living together” as an element of the “protection of the rights and freedoms of others.”‘”

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As mentioned earlier, France already banned the naqib a few years ago.

It’s difficult to imagine a more rude and intolerant practice than to immigrate into a nation with a well-established culture that is different than yours, and then demand that the population of that nation adjust to accommodate your religious and cultural practices, and eventually make them the law of the land. This is totally unacceptable.

Yet this is precisely what we are seeing, and not just in Europe. There are cities in the United States that are increasing being influenced by radical Muslim beliefs and practices. An end must be put to this at once.


Source: Breitbart

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