Muslims Throw Stones, Crack Windshield Of Car…Infidel Saves Himself, Hits Them Back Hard With…

When President Trump called for a worldwide effort to chase violent Islamist extremists from every country in the world during his address from Saudi Arabia, he proposed one of the most far-reaching and ambitious projects in human history. For many Muslim nations, just for their leaders to agree with the president’s goals will put them in mortal danger. Implementing them, if they are so inclined, is likely suicidal.

Few places will the implementation of this goal be more problematic than in the Palestinian territories. The level and frequency of the terrorist activities there is appalling. And the matters are made worse by the intervention of other nations determined to foster a continuing level of violence and terror.

All of that said, there are times when their terrorist plans don’t work out. And when a Jewish man was driving home only to be accosted by a gang of Muslim thugs smashing rocks against his car, his using a gun in self-defense changed the scenario dramatically.

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“[A] group of around 200 Arab Muslims was prowling the streets of Hawara when they spotted a rare sighting — a Jewish man in their neighborhood. The father-of-eight was driving home from the market when the racist Palestinians blocked his vehicle and began smashing it with chunks of concrete, hoping to murder the driver simply because of his religion and nationality.”

At this point we see the value of the armed citizen in defending himself, and possibly preventing his own murder.

“After smashing the windshield, the Muslim thugs were just about to slaughter their captive when they realized they had brought stones to a literal gunfight. The driver brandished his firearm, meeting their medieval stoning with his trusty pistol, firing at least 3 shots into the crowd of ruthless jihadists.”

“The Jerusalem Post reports that the driver saved his own life, killing a 23-year-old jihadist named Muataz Bani Shamsah and wounding Palestinian propaganda journalist Majdi Shtayyeh.”

Muslim Thugs Hurl Rocks At Car, Realize They Messed With The Wrong Infidel

This is one sort of violence that President Trump has called for a world-wide effort to end. His call that such Islamist terrorists be “driven out” of every nation cannot be implemented too soon. It will be a difficult journey with some nations cooperating more than others.

In the meantime, the armed citizen is one of the best defenses against terrorists and the crimes they would commit.

Source: Mad World News

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