Muslims’ Terrifying Move To Uphold Sharia Law In US — Americans Are SHOCKED!

There are some things that are just plainly incompatible. As much as it is not politically-correct to admit it, the truth is that Muslim Sharia Law cannot coexist with the U.S. Constitution. That conclusion comes not from bigotry. It comes from looking at the text of the relevant documents.

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The only way to make these two systems work together is to either understand them very figuratively or to modify them, which is really the same thing. As troubling as it may be to admit it, Sharia Law and the U.S. Constitution and the laws descended from that Constitution define two different cultures whose mandates collide. That some don’t want to admit that does not change the hard facts.

The absurdity of the situation has many illustrations. For the sake of maintaining our US and state constitutions, some states are considering a ban on the use of Sharia law in our court systems. And right now, Muslims are fighting tooth and nail to keep Sharia law intact in the United States.

The Great Falls Tribune lays out the situation: “Muslims complain they’re frivolous bills meant to spread fears and sow suspicion of their religion in a nation divided. But supporters of state proposals to prevent Islamic code from being used in American courts argue they aren’t overtly anti-Muslim and are needed to safeguard constitutional rights for average Americans.”

The author of one of these bills explains, “‘I believe very strongly in the values of America to allow for religious freedom,’ said Connecticut state Rep. Robert Sampson, a Republican sponsor of a bill. ‘I just don’t want our court system to start using what is religious law from other countries to make decisions. I’d like to preserve our way of life.'”

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What many just won’t say is that the Islamic faith comes complete with a set of laws for governing society. This is where Sharia Law comes in. It’s not a matter of objecting to people choosing to worship a deity they call Allah or following certain dress codes – that’s part of the freedom enjoyed in America and none of the government’s business. The problem happens when attempting to establish legal codes integral to Islam that violate our Constitution.

In preparing to attack “anti-Sharia” laws, one Muslim leader makes a blatantly false statement: “‘These are thinly veiled attempts to alienate Muslims in America,’ said Hazem Bata, of The Islamic Society of North America, based in Indiana, where once such ‘anti-Shariah’ bill has been introduced.” No, the point is to prevent Sharia Law, or any other incompatible code which is alien to our laws from being used to make decisions in courts.

This legislator understands the issue: “‘Shariah should be very concerning to all of us,’ said state Rep. Heidi Sampson, a Maine Republican who has proposed legislation. ‘It is a way of life and a legal code which is designed to impinge on culture, family life, marriage, equality of the sexes — a whole host of areas.'”

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This is the United States. You do not arrive here and then dictate that we must change our laws to suit your culture. You come here because you want to be part of our culture which has its roots going back long before Islam was created. If living under Sharia Law is that vital to you, all you have to do is select from the many nations where such law and culture are practiced as you nation of residency.

Source: Right Wing News

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