Irate Muslims Offended By Christian Pastor, What They Just Did To Him Is Outrageous

It is impossible for Muslims to assimilate into American culture. That’s not us saying that. That’s we’ve heard from Muslim groups in various parts of the nation. So that comment is originating with members of the Muslim faith themselves.

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And these folks don’t seem like extremists, but in a rather matter-of-fact tone state what they believe is obvious: That there are elements of the Islamic faith that collide headlong with American traditions of justice and social behavior. That not all Muslims agree with or practice these parts of their faith is no doubt true, but is also irrelevant. There are those that do, and they expect to be exempt from US laws. Tragically, this will not work as we cannot have one unified nation with two mutually incompatible legal systems. When traditional Americans point this out, trouble can ensue. When it hits the public scene, things can get very nasty. One pastor recently found out just how nasty things can get when you oppose the construction of a mosque in your community.

The news story is set up like this: “Pastor Joseph Basile of Grace Bible fellowship attended a final meeting…in Bayonne, New Jersey, where plans for a mosque were finally shot down due to public outrage and zoning issues. Pastor Basile and his wife arrived home later that evening to find that they had been left a sick parting gift from those who were obviously angered by their steadfast opposition to the planned mosque.”

So what did they discover on their arrival home after the meeting? “According to The Gateway Pundit, police responded late Monday evening to a vandalism report by Basile after he and his wife came home to find that rocks had been thrown through a window on the front of their home.” Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened.

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The pastor’s wife has had an unpleasant encounter or two over signs in the windows of their home opposing the mosque. In fact, “According to an interview in June of 2016 with the Jersey Journal, Patricia Basile said that a stranger threatened her at her home over the signs she and her husband had displayed opposing the mosque. ‘This is not Alabama, take those signs down within 48 hours, or you’re going to be sorry,’ the man told her, according to Patricia.”

We will quickly be told by those on the left, that those who committed the violent acts are simply the sort of criminals that exist in all faiths and races and cultures, and that it is offensive to single out Muslims. No doubt they will also claim that the city in denying the permit to build the mosque is practicing religious discrimination, as though that might in some way excuse the violence committed against Pastor Basile and his wife.

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It doesn’t, and until someone figures out a way to reconcile Islamic Sharia Law with the foundational documents of the American legal tradition including our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the problem will continue.

Given that one cannot reconcile the two, the problem become insoluble, something the left, in its obsessive embrace of cultural and moral relativism cannot accept. Tragically, this conflict will not end well.

Source: Mad World News

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