Guess How Muslims Are Now Attempting To Infiltrate the US Government?

Incrementalism: The process of using small, gradual changes in order to accomplish a greater project or agenda. A technique frequently employed by subversives and liberals.

You won’t find that exact definition in a dictionary, but it does accurately describe the means by which much damage has been inflicted on our nation for decades. In other words, we have not gotten to the place we are by a few huge moves. The changes happened gradually and continue to do so.

This is also the process by which Islamic Sharia Law is creeping into our legal system. Not by a bold amendment to our Constitution, but by small changes initiated by Muslim groups in the US. The latest such technique involves getting Muslims elected to political office where they can push this agenda.

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Here’s an example that you can expect to see reproduced anywhere in America where it has a chance of success.

“Reema Ahmad, a political consultant and organizer who works with the Muslim community, counted some three dozen Muslims running for local office in the Chicago area on April 4, when municipal elections were held. Motivated in part by the election of a president who campaigned on banning foreign Muslims from entering the country, some American Muslims are seeking a voice in politics—not just as voters, but as candidates.”

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While there are many liberal beliefs that conflict with Islamic teachings and Sharia Law, the left is the natural home for Muslims, as they are eager to challenge and to change traditional western, American culture, something to which the left has dedicated itself for many decades.

This is not a religious freedom issue, Muslims can worship or not worship as they see fit. It’s the baggage of laws that comes with their faith that often contradicts our Constitution that is the concern.

When Muslims are elected to public office can they be expected to set aside Islamic policies that conflict with our western traditions and Constitution? Since left-wing, non-Muslims have problems doing that, it seems unlikely that those who follow Islam will do so.

Put more bluntly, what will it be, our Constitution or Sharia Law? On this question hangs the sort of America our kids and grand-kids will inhabit.

Source: Real Clear Politics

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