Muslims Demand Apology From Texas Sheriff. Instead, He Drops Four Brutal Words That Sends Them Flying!

Approach the problem from whatever angle you wish, but the association between between radical Islam and violent behavior is real. As much as one might wish things were otherwise, the facts are in plain view. Simply follow the news.

The left has almost a suicidal desire to bury this fact, and does so at great risk to this nation. Not only that, they launch verbal attacks at those who point out the obvious in an attempt to discredit anyone who makes this inconvenient connection.

When a Texas Sheriff discussed the association between terrorism and radical Islam in a public setting, the left went berserk along with the Muslim community and demanded an apology. However, this is one sheriff who was not to be intimidated. Instead of an apology and a retraction of his remarks, they got a four word reply: “I stand by it.”

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“Texas Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree has previously been a target for left-wing hatred for his staunch support of our Second Amendment rights and criticism of the LGBT’s unscientific gender identity propaganda. Still, he hadn’t previously drummed up as much disdain and outrage until he gave a Churchill-esque rant, warning of Islam’s violent fundamentals and the imminent threat of mass Muslim migration.”

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The sheriff really set off a firestorm when he “took to Facebook to implore Americans to ‘pay attention to what is happening in Europe,’ concluding that with open borders and political correctness comes terrorism and the subsequent Islamization of the West.”

“[A] screenshot of the post spread, prompting Muslims to demand an apology and that the Texas sheriff is reprimanded for practicing his First Amendment rights. Without hesitation, Murphree responded to those demanding his silence by openly doubling down on his stance, saying, ‘I stand behind it.'”

This is not a man who cowers before radical Muslim groups such as CAIR or the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead he is prepared to call them all out as well as the liberals who enable them. “‘You better wake up America. While you are distracted by the media and the crying of the left, Islamic Jihadist are among us and want to kill you,’ he later wrote.”

Law enforcement professionals such as Sheriff Murphree are the ones who are going to have to clean up the mess created by liberal politicians who will conveniently be out of danger’s way. The sooner Americans pay attention to the words of those like Murphree, the less of a mess the left will be able to create.

And the safer we will all be.

Source: Mad World News

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