Muslims Given More Religious Freedom Than Christians? Historian Says…

Christians are being persecuted all over the world and Christianity is being marginalized. So what has changed? Nothing!

In the name of “religious tolerance,” Islam is being given special privileges that are routinely denied to Christians. Why? Because Christians are perceived as being offensive to Muslims, Atheists, Pagans and Satanists. That’s it, in a nutshell.

Of course, Muslims being the most vocally and physically aggressive about their disagreements with all other religions, they get the most attention and acquiescence from government authorities who don’t know how to deal with them. Now, we are at a point in history when militant Islam is on the march and they make no bones about telling of their plans for world domination. The shocker is that they are now being given more religious freedoms than Christians!

From Breitbart:

In Europe, Muslims have greater freedom to follow their faith than Christians do, the head of an anti-discrimination group has said. Martin Kugler, Austrian historian and founder of the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, said Christians were being marginalised on the continent while Muslims are treated much more carefully.

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Speaking to ACI Prensa, the Spanish edition of the Catholic News Agency, Mr. Kugler accused Europe’s elites of pressuring Christians into hiding their faith while permitting Muslims to display theirs.

Europe has witnessed a secularist offensive, he added, but politicians have different criteria in dealing with Christians and Muslims, permitting the Islamic veil while trying to removing crosses from public places.

He cited the example of air hostesses and nurses disciplined, or sometimes even fired, for wearing small crosses, or attempts to remove nativity scenes from public places.

“The justification is separation between church and state, but in my opinion this is no more than an excuse. What European radical secularism is trying to do, in the name of tolerance and neutrality in the public square, is impose an ideology that means the expulsion of Christians from public life.”

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Mr. Kugler also pointed to the rise of Islam in Europe driven by demographic change, saying it is a “great challenge” for Christian culture, but adding: “I think aggressive secularism is more dangerous for European Christians.”

“If Christians had the freedom to follow their conscience, with their schools and their rights, it would be much easier for them to confront the rise of Muslim culture.”

So it boils down to Christians being knowledgeable enough about their faith to hold their own in a debate, but knowing what to say and being given the freedom to say it are vastly different things.

For liberals trying to show how “tolerant” they are of Islam it means being intolerant of Christians and therein lies the rub. Eventually there will be no free exchange of religious ideas, just Islam dictating what is allowable…under Sharia, of course!

Source: Breitbart

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