BREAKING: President Trump Drops Powerful Alert For All 50 States, Muslims Are Pissed!

President Trump made it perfectly clear that when he took his oath of office back in January, he was going to fulfill his campaign promises to the American people.

One such promise that has been a bit overlooked is his support and protection for women in America. The mainstream media has done their best to prove that President Trump is, in fact, anti-women, but this recent announcement should have the MSM singing a different tune.

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The Department of Justice, now led by Trump pick former Senator Jeff Sessions, has declared a plan of protection on behalf of women. This particular initiative will work to eliminate the barbaric and heinous practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), brought to us by Muslim culture.

From Breitbart:

The establishment media is hiding the dramatic news that President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice has announced a national campaign to eradicate the imported practice of Female Genital Mutilation.

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By ignoring the imported FGM practice, the TV networks “are guilty of aiding and abetting violence against women out of a politically correct fueled fear of offending Muslims,” says an April 18 statement by the Media Research Center and ACT for America. 

The federal government’s dramatic policy announcement was made April 13 when officials revealed they had charged a Muslim doctor for performing FGM on two American girls from Minnesota. The doctor and the two girls have immigrant parents from Muslim countries, where Islamic leaders endorse the peculiar institution to keep women subordinate to men. Officials also said they had found additional child victims in Michigan.

The establishment media has largely hidden the administration’s new pro-female policy and the shocking crime, which threatens or has already victimized more than 500,000 young American women whose parents are immigrants from countries where FGM is routine.

Thanks to President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, they understand that Islamic practices such as FGM are horrific, and any infiltration of Islamic culture that takes away a person’s freedoms or damage their health is not something we ever want to see or promote in our country.

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Once again, this is a battle between western culture, where freedom and pursuits of life, liberty, happiness are being assaulted by eastern culture of barbaric practices on young ladies and women. Lest they forget, they live in America. If they don’t like our practices, they can go back to their home country and continue their lives there. America will always be the land of the free.

Source: Breitbart

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