You’ll Never Guess How Muslims Are Creating Sharia Law Zones Right Here In America

We now revisit a topic that we have been following here at ACH for months. That is that the left is setting up specific areas to foster the growth of communities that can be expected to be filled with future liberal voters. These would the the sanctuary cities for illegal aliens that are already being established in full view of us all and with great pride by liberals. These are designed as breeding grounds for future Democratic voters. Generous welfare benefits are a part of the program.

Other areas might be in the process of being established for similar, yet even more perfidious reasons. This time the purpose is to attack traditional American culture by the fostering of zones that are deliberately and emphatically hostile to not only American culture, but also our Constitution and laws. Given some of the things we’ve witnessed, perhaps this is not so difficult to believe.

What we are referring to is the establishment of geographic areas where Muslims can live under Sharia law as opposed to the laws of the United States. Given that the two systems of jurisprudence are mutually contradictory in so many areas, what you would essentially have are zones that are no longer part of America. Given that these Muslims would receive very generous welfare benefits, there would be no need for them to interact with other Americans let alone assimilate into our culture.

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“A former Muslim who is warning America that Islamists are establishing ‘no-go zones,’ neighborhoods run by Islamic Shariah law, says social-welfare programs contribute to the problem.

“Such ‘help’ facilitates a ‘huge swathe of people not doing anything,’ he explained in an interview with Greg Corombos of Radio America.

“‘All day every day [there are] men hanging on street corners, in the cafes, outside smoking, drinking tea, chatting, going back and forth between the mosque and the café,’ said author Raheem Kassam, who has just released ‘No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.’

“He explains such no-go zones already are a problem across Europe, and he sees the beginnings of the same troubles in America.”

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There are so many perversions at work here that one hardly knows where to begin. In the first place, welfare was designed as a temporary means of assistance to help Americans get back on their feet. Unless one is elderly or disabled, it was never intended to fund a permanent way of life.

What the left is now doing in sanctuary cities, that being using welfare to attract and support illegal aliens who will eventually become Democratic voters, it is now doing with the Muslim community.

In this case, the plan is to provide welfare so these Muslims do not have to get jobs where they would have to work alongside and associate with non-Muslims. Worse than that, they would be divorced from the American system of justice, employing their own Sharia law courts. In every sense of the word, this is an act of seceding from the United States, simply without using those words.

And if we think that dealing with sanctuary cities is going to be a problem, just wait until we have enclaves within the United States that refuse to be governed by U.S. laws. Part of the solution is to cut off the welfare benefits immediately. That’s obvious. Let’s just hope it gets done before this problem grows any larger.

Source: WND

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