Muslim Woman Refuses To Remove Religious Veil At Airport Because Of Sharia Law, Security Has 1 Perfect Response

Those of us from different religious traditions can find each others’ practices and beliefs to be disquieting, incomprehensible, or even offensive. Yet in America, we practice religious freedom. So unless your religion and its practices encroach on others’ rights, typically as guaranteed by our Constitution, or somehow promote violent conversion of others to your faith, you’re free to practice them.

This is not the case in all nations. We’re well aware that the Middle-East is not a place of undiluted religious freedom. In fact, religion and politics are often so closely intertwined that it’s difficult to tell the difference, or if there even is one. European nations have varying stances on these matters.

It should not be necessary to point this out, but the reason for having identification cards and security details is to determine whether people are who they claim to be. Hence, security needs to see not only an ID card or passport, but also the person’s face. This is a problem for some Muslim women. When one such woman from Tunisia refused to remove her veil for security at a Brussels airport, she got sent home. Score one for common sense.

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“According to Bare Naked Islam, the incident took place at Brussels Airport in Belgium after a Muslim woman arrived from Tunis, Tunisia. As it turns out, the traveler was wearing traditional Islamic garb, including a head covering and a veil across her face.

“Officials wanted to make sure she was who she said she was and politely asked for her to remove the cloth from her face to verify her identity. Unfortunately, that’s about the time that things went awry as the Muslim woman said that she wasn’t going to comply because the orders violated her religious compulsions.”

This is more than a demand that her religious beliefs be respected. This is just a blatant act of belligerence. Surely she knew what would be required of her on her arrival in Brussels, but she persisted anyway and boarded the plane, apparently prepared to create a disturbance at the airport by successfully claiming Sharia law trumped the laws of Belgium. She lost.

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“The woman was dealt with swiftly and actually deported back to Tunisia after officers weren’t able to properly identify her. In short, if she didn’t want to follow the laws of the land, she could go back to where she came from. Of course, as news of the incident became public knowledge, the left quickly exploded with claims of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia,’ but their outrage isn’t likely to do any good since Belgium banned the full-face veil, niqab, and burqa in 2011.”

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Racism? Xenophobia? Nonsense. No matter what religion to which a person claimed adherence, if they showed up at security with a burqa or niqab, or a ski mask, or a paper bag over their heads with two holes punched in it to see through they would have gotten the same treatment.

It is impossible to conduct a security check without seeing someone’s face. This is just as hard-headed and stupid of an act as those who refuse to remove their Muslim face covering to get a photo taken for a driver’s license. No picture, no license.

Nations’ rules on these matters are well publicized. If you cannot follow them, stay home or visit only nations that follow your religious beliefs.

Source: Mad World News

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