Muslim Woman Refuses To Remove Veil For Work, Gets Fired. Guess What Happened When She Demands Job Back?

The Islamic religion, for all practical purposes, is a dogmatic philosophy of rituals and taboos that are dictatorial in their scope and leave little room for flexibility.

The five-times-daily prayer schedule of most Islamic faithful in the Middle East would be a huge disruption for American society and businesses if the custom was to become regular and enforced by anti-discrimination laws in the west, as the Muslims are trying to get enacted.

Likewise, the custom of women wearing the headscarf called a hijab can present problems for western businesses. A Muslim woman in Canada was fired from her job after refusing to remove her hijab as instructed by her boss in compliance with the company dress code. The first thing she did was angrily accuse the owner of Islamophobia to intimidate him and then demanded her job back. His response? Based on her threatening behavior, she lost any chance she could have had for reimplementation.

Entitled Muslim Fired For Dress Code Violation Demands Job Back — Boss Has Just 6 Words

From Mad World News:

 After a woman refused to remove her hijab in compliance with the company’s dress code, she was promptly fired from her job. Thinking she could intimidate her employer with accusations of “Islamophobia,” the woman demanded her job back. However, her former boss had 6 simple words that immediately silenced her.

Despite making up less than 4 percent of Canada’s population, Muslims are such a vocal and aggressive special interest group that they’ve already succeeded in pressuring the government to implement Sharia blasphemy laws. Now, many Canadian patriots are too fearful of legal or terrorist retaliation to stand up to the entitled Muslim movement. Luckily, there are still a politically incorrect few who are willing to gamble their livelihoods to combat this religious supremacy in their hard-earned businesses.

According to CBC News, 3 Muslims claim they were fired because of “Islamophobia” in the workplace at Husky Engery’s Lloydminster location in early June. Amino Rashid, 24, told local media that she and her 2 Muslim colleagues, were terminated from their positions with Newcart Contracting Ltd. after employees complained about their hijabs. In a perfectly ironic twist, the co-workers felt discriminated against because the Muslim employees were granted special privilege to wear head coverings while they were denied equal treatment.

Enraged by their termination, Rashid returned to the employer’s office and demanded reconsideration for the position, which is allowed under the company’s policy. The manager then informed Rashid that she would’ve been reconsidered for rehiring but “because of how you’re acting now,” she forfeited her consideration for reimplementation, according to Radio-Canada.

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Of course, the Canadian liberal news media is already taking the side of the Muslims by attacking the company:

The company is being hounded by leftist media which have already biasedly sided with the Muslim accusers, taking their word as infallible truth. Fortunately, the company is defending the manager’s actions, adding that they have no problem accommodating religious requirements as long as they’re reasonable and do not endanger the individual, co-workers, or the workplace environment.

“Newcart is proud to offer a safe, inclusive employment experience for all our employees regardless of race, gender, creed or culture,” the statement reads in part. “Newcart accommodates the religious requirements of our employees whenever possible and practical for the workplace and health and safety requirements of the worksite, the workplace policies of [Husky] and most importantly the provincial and federal health and safety statutes and regulations.”

The fact that there are those willing to stand up against the Islamic bullies claiming perpetual victimhood if their unreasonable demands aren’t met is a sign that many westerners are wising up to the threat posed by Sharia-enforcing Muslims.

Source: Mad World News

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