Muslim Woman Turns Back To Judge And Tells Him To ‘Go To Hell’ — Court Has 5 Brutal Words For Her

Islam is a very demanding faith. And that applies not only to those who are adherents, but also to those who interact with adherents or otherwise come into contact with this religious system and those who follow it. In fact, Islam is far more than just a religious faith, but is also a legal and political system as well.

This religious, legal, and political system creates a problem when it interacts with Western democracies. And the reason is very simple. The two systems are not compatible. Not even close. For example, practicing Muslims do not believe they can submit to a non-Muslim judge, nor can they submit to the decisions rendered by his or her court of law. Given the foundational nature of a legal system in establishing a stable society, it’s all too clear what result will derive from introducing Islam into the West.

When a Muslim woman accused of multiple felonies refused to face the judge, shouted insults in court, and told the judge to “go to Hell,” she was simply acting out in a particularly offensive way what she learned from Islamic teachings. In other words, these were not wild rantings that she invented, but were based on the teachings found in the Koran. Fortunately for Canada, where this happened, and for the cause of justice, the judge refused to tolerate her antics. Instead, he correctly pointed out to her that: “Your views…are completely irrelevant.”

“In August, 32-year-old ISIS recruit Rehab Dughmosh began her long list of ultimatums, including refusing to leave her prison cell to attend the trial, refusing to stand for the honorable judge, and incessantly demanding to be tried in a court of Sharia law, all in accordance with her religion, the Toronto Sun reports. However, she quickly found that the judge wasn’t a politically-correct Muslim-sympathizer like most of Canada’s officials.

“On November 10, Dughmosh rebelliously stood with her back to the judge’s seat as she belted out, ‘Damn your legislation, damn your nationality!’ and ‘Go to hell!’ before insulting the rest of the Canadian officials by shouting, ‘Hey, you infidels, I do not worship what you worship!’ according to CP 24.”

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It might be suggested that we’re dealing with the rantings of a lunatic here. While the appropriateness of her method of presenting her beliefs might be subject to debate, the teachings which informed her outbursts are not. She would be correct were she to point out that she’s only insisting on what the Koran demands. And that’s the problem.

Here’s where Dughmosh had to confront the reality of her situation. The judge left no doubt.

”Your views about what system you would like to be tried under are completely irrelevant,’ he told Dughmosh, who scoffed in response.

“‘You should consider yourself lucky that you are caught up in a justice system of this nature rather than one that in your flight of fancy you seem to think is better.'”

This Muslim woman does not have to like what the judge has said, but he is correct. She is in Canada and stands accused of multiple violations of Canadian laws, and rather violent infractions at that. Hence, she will be judged by the laws of Canada which are based on Western judicial and political beliefs, beliefs that are in conflict with those associated with Islam.

This illustrates the problem the political-correct left refuses to acknowledge. Islamic law and Western legals systems cannot coexist in the same jurisdiction. As a result, those from nations such as the US, Canada, and Britain need to understand that should they relocate to or travel to a nation where Islamic Sharia Law is practiced, that they might find any encounters with the legal system to be shocking and unpleasant.

In like manner, Muslims such as this woman, cannot expect to come to a Western nation and demand exemption from its laws in favor of being under Sharia. Hence, those who refuse to live under any other legal system than Sharia have chosen to make it impossible for them to live in Western democracies.

Since there are no shortages of Muslim nations, such persons need to chose one of those as their place of residence. It will make everyone’s lives much more peaceful.

Source: Mad World News

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