Muslim Woman Refuses To Stand In Court. Guess What? Judge Teaches Her Painful Lesson She Won’t Soon Forget!

The predilection some Muslim migrants have for insisting on following their own laws which they bring with them as part of their religion is simply not going to work. Besides being an ignorant thing to do, it’s guaranteed to create conflict and upheaval in their new home countries.

Apparently some Muslims don’t care about the nations that have opened their doors to them. Yet if they have concluded that they must live under strict Sharia Law, then they need to restrict their travels and choices of places to live to those nations where such is accepted of which there are many from which they can choose.

Australia is not one of them. When a Muslim woman refused to rise when the judge entered the courtroom or to remove her veil when requested, she got charged with nine counts of disrespect to the court and will either wind up paying substantial fines or spending time in jail for her offenses.

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Here’s the background:

“After Hamdi Alqudsi was convicted of terrorism for recruiting jihadists for the Islamic State in Australia, one of his 2 wives sought revenge against the authorities who arrested her husband. Moutia Elzahed filed a massive lawsuit against the police officers, demanding compensation for alleged ‘assault and battery, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, and intimidation’ of her and her family.”

“When Judge Audrey Balla agreed to hear her case, Elzahed first repaid her generosity by refusing to remove her face covering, saying that it was against her religion to allow inferior infidels to gaze upon her face. Because Elzahed refused to comply with the court’s order, Judge Balla refused to hear her evidence.”

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What we have here is a Muslim woman who just wished to rebel against the Australian court system. It didn’t work.

“When Judge Balla exited the courtroom, Elzahed refused to rise in honor of the judge’s authority, proclaiming that she ‘won’t stand for anyone except Allah.’ Further angered by Elzahed’s consistent disrespect, the judge ordered her to pay $1,000 fine or spend 14 days in jail for each time she won’t rise.”

Her puerile rebellion has backfired badly. “After multiple offenses against the district court judge, Elzahed not only had her entire case against the police dropped but now faces over 4 months in prison along with hefty court fines and legal fees over her insolent behavior.”

Elzahed should have stayed home in which case she would be a free woman. On the other hand, if she is so insistent about following a set of laws that are not consistent with those in Australia, perhaps she should find a new place to live — that is assuming she sees herself as an immigrant rather than as an invader.

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