Muslim Woman Refuses To Take Off Religious Veil At Work Because Of Sharia Law, Manager Has 1 Perfect Response

Those of us in the West are experiencing an assault on our culture and our legal traditions. There is nothing to gain by denying it. We have Muslims who are not content just to practice their faith. Their goal is to ram Islam down the throats of non-Muslims as a step in the Islamification of nations such as the United States. It can be seen in many venues, including the work place.

The idea is that businesses must be forced to make accommodations that allow Muslims to practice their faith on the job. Hours must be adjusted. Multiple prayer breaks must be allowed. And garments such as the hijab must be permitted. It is important to note that even if such were to be the rule, things would not end there. The next step would be to demand that non-Muslims observe at least some Islamic practices. Women’s head-coverings, for example.

A Muslim woman applied for a retail job, apparently assuming she would be hired at once. During the interview she revealed that she would not take off her hijab. Instead of hiring the woman, the manager informed her that her application would be kept on file. Someone else was hired. So she filed a complaint.

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“CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports that the Muslim applicant, who remains unnamed, claims that after she refused to agree to remove her hijab on the sales floor like the rest of the employees, the manager immediately ended the interview and informed her that he was moving on to the next applicant. In a clever move to protect himself from accusations of discrimination, the manager never actually admitted that he wouldn’t hire her because of her refusal to remove the hijab but assuring her that he’d keep her application on file before ultimately choosing an employee who would abide by the rules.”

Perhaps the Islamic hope is that we will get tired of all the complaints by Muslims and finally just give in to their demands. They need to be proven wrong in that regard.

This applicant not surprisingly went to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for assistance in pursuing her complaint.

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“The Dallas-Fort Worth chapter [of CAIR] has officially filed a discrimination complaint on behalf of the woman, who seeks to bring the company to its knees and make them an example of what happens to businesses that do not cow to Islam.

“‘This is an unfortunate and obvious case of employment discrimination, and we are disappointed in the actions of Dillard’s managers. We look forward to the Texas Workforce Commission fully investigating this act of religious discrimination and to bringing justice for this young woman,’ said CAIR-DFW Civil Rights Director and attorney Nikiya Natale.

“‘The United States Supreme Court held in 2015 that employers cannot deny sales positions to Muslim women who wear hijabs. Our country embraces religious freedom and this includes the right of persons of faith to wear religious garb such as crosses, yarmulkes, and hijabs, in the workplace,’ explained Tremain Artaza PLLC attorney Christine Hopkins.”

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What we’ve got hold of here is an attitude of entitlement. Or the expectation that one’s Muslim faith can be used as a weapon in pursuing special privileges.

Or, put more bluntly, this is the case of a Muslim woman getting the face of a prospective employer.

CAIR might like to make the case that this manager is not being completely forthright in his explanation of his choice of someone other than the Muslim applicant for the job. What CAIR would never admit is that this applicant might have had an agenda of her own.

That would be to use the job to further the Islamification of our culture. Given that much of what Islam teaches directly contradicts our culture and our laws, she and those like her must not succeed.

Source: Mad World News

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