Muslim Woman Demands Therapy Dog Leave Plane Because Of Sharia Law, Police Have 1 Perfect Response

Working in the restaurant industry as a manager of more establishments than I could really count on two hands, I had countless days and certainly countless numbers of people who claimed to have had allergic reactions to foods and ingredients. I was given lists of foods that went anywhere from coconuts, parsley, and vegetable oil to chicken that came from certain brand names and even lettuce grown in certain manure! The list is endless and I’m quite sure that I don’t remember even a quarter of all the foods I was told would absolutely send the person into shock.

The point is that many people (who have never been to a doctor, nor have they been actually medically tested for allergies) misunderstand what it means to be truly allergic to a substance or particle in the air when they really only have a sensitivity to such things. In some, it’s really just an outright intolerance (not medically, but psychologically) for a certain irritant (for instance, smoke from a cigarette).

When people (and in particular, Liberals) claim such “allergies” it is typically just a distaste for the irritant. For many Muslims, dogs are considered to be offensive. For the majority of the world’s Muslims, the canine (especially black ones) are seen as animals that should never be in their presence. On a Southwest Airlines plane in Baltimore recently, a 46-year-old Muslim woman, Anila Daulatzai, who is a professor of Islamic studies at Harvard, told the flight crew that she was allergic to dogs and that the service animal across the aisle from her needed to be removed. When the crew attempted to explain to this professor that the animal could not legally be removed as it was assisting someone with a disability, she made a scene. Finally, authorities were contacted and Baltimore police struggled with this woman to forcibly remove her from the plane!

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Blue Lives Matter:

The media is creating outrage by pushing the narrative that officers dragged her off because she had an allergy.

However if you believe the woman’s own statements, the officers were saving her life.

The incident occurred Tuesday as the woman, who identified herself as a professor (because she must have considered that to be relevant,) had booked a Southwest flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles, according to CBS8.

The woman saw a service dog on the plane and told the Southwest Airlines employees that the dog needed to be removed because she had a life-threatening allergy to dogs and she could die if she flew with the dog.

The woman was unable to produce any medical certificate backing her claim, and the employees tried to explain that she’d be denied boarding if she wasn’t safely able to fly with animals on the plane.

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Insistent that it was the service animal that needed to go, the woman refused to depart the plane, and the airline called the police to remove her from the life-threatening situation.

Officers repeatedly ordered her to walk, as passengers screamed “She’s walking,” while the professor was standing still.

Despite the woman committing multiple crimes, she wasn’t arrested.

The incredible part about this story was that had this woman really lived with such a life-threatening allergy, she would have carried an alert identification card, tag, or bracelet of some sort that explicitly explained her medical issues. I have never known anyone with “life-threatening” medical criteria to NOT carry such documentation. Leave it to a Liberal professor to be so ignorant of US law as to insist that a service dog be taken away from its companion.

It is typical for a Leftist to create an issue where there is none, especially when a captive audience (i.e., on a plane where no one can walk away) is there to witness the “terrible treatment” that they receive because of their perceived entitlements. This same thing, by the way, was also displayed in my years in the restaurant industry when smoking was still available in eating establishments in many states. Liberals from surrounding states where it was not legal would call me over to the table to complain, even when they had insisted they be seated “immediately” rather than wait for a table OUTSIDE of the smoking section. No one can argue that some Liberals are just too smart for their own good.

Source: Blue Lives Matter

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