Muslim Woman Charged For Theft — You’ll Never Believe How She’s Getting Away With It

The Beach Boys sang a song a while back…”Well, East coast girls are hip, I really dig those styles they wear, and the Southern girls with the way they talk, they know me out when I’m down there. The Midwest farmer’s daughters really make you feel all right, and the northern girls with the way they kiss, they keep their boyfriends warm at night…

Normally that song’s next line is about how they wish they all could be California girls. However, the Beach Boys may have wanted to pass on this California girl. Her name is Kristy Powell and she is an African-American Muslim who has apparently gotten into a bunch of trouble with the law in regards to charges of petty theft, vehicle theft and resisting arrest.

Apparently Kristy’s newfound religion must have rehabilitated her in a quick minute, because the officer who stopped her and her husband on their lowrider prepared to arrest her and the fireworks started. Now, a judge has handed Mrs. Powell an $85K settlement for her “religious rights being violated!”

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Jihad Watch:

The case started in May 2015 when Powell and her husband were stopped by two officers because he was driving a lowrider vehicle on Long Beach Boulevard, Rifahie said.

She provided them with her identification information. When officers ran her name through their database, they discovered she had three misdemeanor warrants for petty theft, vehicle theft and resisting arrest, police said.

As officers prepared to arrest Powell, her husband requested that a female officer be called to the scene since physical contact must be done by a woman, the lawsuit contends.

The officers refused and handcuffed Powell, according to the suit. She was then told she would have to remove her hijab.

Powell was detained for 24 hours without her hijab. Once she was allowed to leave, she was given a property bag containing it.

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“She was held in the jail overnight, forced to sit in a cell feeling distraught, vulnerable and naked without her headscarf to everyone that passed,” the lawsuit said. “She cried throughout the ordeal and experienced humiliation when both her religious beliefs and personal integrity were violated. She felt that the male officers and male inmates had seen parts of her body that they should not have seen, according to her religious beliefs.”

Shortly after her release, Powell reached out to CAIR, the Muslim civil rights organization, to go over her options.
In April 2016, she filed the lawsuit, alleging that her 1st Amendment rights had been violated….

The city of Long Beach has agreed to pay $85,000 to settle a federal lawsuit filed by a Muslim woman whose hijab was pulled off by a male officer while she was in police custody.

“There really is no justification for taking off a person’s religious headgear,” said Powell’s attorney, Marwa Rifahie, who also works for the Greater Los Angeles Area Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

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The woman has obviously had run-ins with cops before; her “resisting arrest” charge is evidence of that.  And although these charges were misdemeanors (how a “vehicle theft” charge is considered a misdemeanor, I’ll never know, but okay), she nevertheless broke the law on three different occasions.  (In my best impression of John Cleese in the “Dead Parrot” skit), “This, my good man, is a REPEAT OFFENDER!”

Despite the fact that she is a repeat offender, Mrs. Powell was handed a reward for such because someone removed her religious headgear.  Not just any reward…like $1K or $5K! No, no, this, my friends, required an $85,000 consolation prize! That hijab buys a lot of influence…

Source:  Jihad Watch

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