Muslim Thugs Ambush ‘Infidel’ Children To Stone Them To Death, They Didn’t Realize Their Fatal Mistake Until It Was Too Late

Have you ever been struck in the head with a D-type battery? You can imagine the weight of such an item in your hand and how that would most likely leave an incredibly large and painful knot on your head. Now imagine that the battery was five times the size! Now, you’re talking about a potentially deadly weapon.

In Israel, Jewish citizens are used to unprovoked violence. They live with its consequences on a DAILY basis. If it isn’t an Arab jihadist, it’s a Hamas or Hezbollah sympathizer, or an al-Qaeda holdover. The point is, that no matter who it is, Jews are aware that their lives are constantly in the crosshairs of a Muslim terrorist.

As a group of children were taking a hike following a bar mitzvah, a bunch of Arab jihadists who were hiding like cowards in ambush began hurling large stones and rocks at these innocent little kids, striking a few of them, as well as their accompanying parents. What these yellow-bellies didn’t expect was for one of the fathers to be toting along his best friend: a locked and loaded firearm!

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Mad World News:

While 8th graders were hiking, a group of violent thugs began picking up rocks and throwing them at the youngsters in the hopes of wounding or killing a child of a different religion. However, the scumbags quickly regretted messing with the kids when they saw what one angry dad had in store for them.

On November 30, a group of 8th graders was enjoying a hike in Migdalim after a classmate’s bar mitzvah when they encountered an ambush of Palestinian Muslims hoping some unsuspecting Jews would fall into their trap. When the youngsters crossed their path, they began hurling large stones and rocks, celebrating as they struck and injured several of the school children. Unfortunately for the Muslims, they didn’t realize that one of the parents was well-prepared for such an attack.

Arutz Sheva 7 reports that when the Arab lynch mob ambushed the children and began stoning them, a protective father brandished his firearm and shot 2 of the jihadists, killing one and causing the rest to scatter in fear for their lives. The IDF confirmed that the killing was in self-defense after 3 of the children and the 2 adults were treated for injuries caused by the rocks that the Palestinians launched at them.

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Dozens of Palestinians attacked a group of 25 children and 2 adults as they made their way through the outskirts of the village of Qusra. The parents, who were both armed, were forced to draw their weapons, firing away from the Muslim mob in a futile attempt to scare them away. When the Arabs continued throwing stones at the group, one of the parents fired at an attacking Palestinian, killing him before he could further harm the children.

World Israel News reports that the deceased attacker is 48-year-old Mahmoud Uda, an Arab Muslim from Kusra. The IDF confirmed that he was dead on arrival and could not be resuscitated.

The 2 adults were treated at Beilinson hospital for minor injuries, including wounds to the head, face, and hand. The children were kept from harm when the adult escorts led them to a nearby cave and held the ruthless attackers at bay.

Although a Palestinian jihadist snatched a pistol from one of the parents, he wasn’t able to use it against the group. However, the IDF fears that the stolen firearm will likely be used to commit an act of terror. Additionally, the Arab mob managed to steal several cellphones and wallets from the Israelis before police officers arrived on the scene and dispersed the mob with tear gas, according to Hamodia.

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As you can see, the Israelis are sadly so used to this violence that they are armed and ready for conflict. In this case, it likely saved the lives of multiple children and adults.

One of my favorite words used by Jewish press whenever a terrorist is shot and killed, however, has to be the old “the jihadist was neutralized,” line. As for the terror suspects who scattered in this incident, it is a 100% certainty that they will be back to try and kill Jews in the coming weeks or months. Pray for Israel!

Source: Mad World News

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