This Country Now Entirely Under Sharia Law? Muslim Takeover Complete?

As more and more Muslims immigrate to western countries, Sharia law has become a hot-button issue that is constantly in the forefront.

Sharia Law is continually being pushed by Muslim communities all across the world.

In Canada, however, Islamic Sharia law has received quite a bit more acceptance by Canadian authorities wanting to demonstrate their enlightened, tolerant, and liberal acceptance of a system of human subjugation that has had the most barbaric past of any human religious system on Earth.

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So, when Allan Einstoss, a Canadian Jew, decided to attend a Muslim rally with his dog, an English Mastiff named “Cupcake” as a counter-protest, Einstoss and the dog both were punched and kicked by the Sharia-compliant Muslims, who see dogs as unclean animals. When Einstoss attempted to defend himself from the Muslims, he was promptly arrested by the police.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to the Toronto Sun, a Jewish man named Allan Einstoss attended the rally as a form of counter-protest with his dog, an Israeli flag-wearing 165-pound English Mastiff named “Cupcake” who was leashed at all times.

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While working his way along the edges of the crowd, Einstoss was approached by some Shariah-compliant devout Muslims who told him to keep his unclean animal away from their women, prompting Einstoss to remark that he was free to move about wherever he pleased. That resulted in his being punched by one and shoved by another while somebody kicked the dog, he said.

However, when Einstoss retaliated by pushing back against one of the men, police suddenly jumped in and placed him under arrest, though no action was taken against the other men who had been engaged in conflict with him.

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“The cops jumped me, and dragged me off in front of my 77-year-old father and 16-year-old son. They cuffed me for half an hour and patted me down,” Einstoss explained to Front Page Mag. “The two cops told me I was being arrested for assault and inciting a riot. One of them also mentioned that I was being insensitive to others. They threatened me with a weekend jail, before offering me a deal: they would free me if I agreed to be escorted out of the park.”

Front Page noted that Einstoss’ “insensitivity” was bringing a dog to a rally held by devout Muslims, many of whom view dogs as unclean, which apparently Einstoss should have been respectful of in the view of the Toronto police.

They also noted that there had been reports of other counter-protesters supportive of Israel who had been harshly treated by both the crowd and “overzealous” police seemingly enforcing Shariah law on behalf of the rallying Muslims.

Watch the video of Einstoss being accosted by Muslims and then arrested by police.

If this had taken place in the US, the police probably would have shot the dog first and then arrested Einstoss!

The more tolerant, caring, and compassionate westerners are towards intolerant Muslims, the easier it is for them to become bolder in their intolerance of non-Muslims. Our patience towards them only gives them more time to increase their numbers until there are more of them than us. When that happens, you can be assured that we will see violence at a level not known in this country since the Civil War.

It’s happened in every other country where Islam took over. There is no place in western culture or society for Islamic Sharia law. It is totally incompatible with western values!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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