Muslim Student Makes SICK Demand, HORRIFYING Threat To University…Look How School FIRES BACK!

We have had plenty of opportunities to observe Islamic activists in action, and what we see is often very disturbing. This goes beyond the obvious horrors committed by Islamic terrorists. What we’ve talking about here is a pattern of intimidation, and the insistence that non-Muslims adopt their teachings.

Some have displayed an attitude of entitlement, incredibly insisting that the fact that they are Muslims grants them certain privileges not available to non-Muslims. That attitude isn’t going to work, and instead is guaranteed to generate conflicts.

One young Muslim just learned the hard way that making criminal threats, even in today’s liberal universities, can get you arrested and charged with a felony.

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This is a pattern we’ve seen far too often – Muslim migrants demanding that their new countries change their cultures and even laws to suit them. Such behavior and demands strike at the heart of Western civilization. And it naturally raises tensions.

Soliman Obaid B. Altamimi is a 25-year old student at the University of Iowa who attempted to bully his way to speaking at the school’s commencement exercises. He had no justification for making such a demand, and the school denied him the permission he insisted he be given.

When it got the answer, “Altamimi explained that either they let him get on stage and address the crowd or he ‘will bring a gun’ and make them comply. USA Today reports that UI officials called the police on Altamimi for making threats of violence, prompting officers to arrest and charge him with making a threat of terrorism.”

Iowa Muslim Student Demands To Make Grad Speech, Gets Perfect Counter-Offer

This man had to know he was committing a crime by threatening a shooting incident. In any event, he got a lesson in U.S. law: “After admitting to making the statements, Altamimi was charged with threat of terrorism, which is a class D felony that carries a punishment of up to 5 years in prison.”

If that wasn’t enough, “He was subsequently charged with third-degree harassment, which is a misdemeanor punishable by 30 days in jail.”

Right now he is right where he belongs. “Altamimi is currently held on $12,000 bond in the Johnson County Jail.”

Perhaps Altamimi thought he could get away with making such threats because he did something similar the previous year with no consequences. At least this year this university did the right thing.

There are lessons that can be taken from this. One is that if you tolerate law breaking, you are going to get more law breaking. This is so obvious that even a university ought to be able to figure it out. To their credit, the University of Iowa just did.

Now if someone would just straighten out Berkeley…

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