Muslim Students Allowed To Turn Public School Computer Lab Into Mosque? School Board Says…

A point that has been made over and over by Islamic immigrants to western countries is that they don’t want to assimilate into the culture of the nations to which they have immigrated. Instead, they intend to transform the culture of their new home into an Islamic one.

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That point has been demonstrated time and again where Muslims have moved into an area and within a short period of time, that area is considered a Muslim area and non-Muslims are no longer welcome. Dearborn, Michigan being a prime example!

Wherever Muslims gather, they establish a religious shrine of some sort to conduct worship, a mini-mosque of sorts. Unfortunately, this public school is no exception.

From Joe For America:

When someone immigrates to a new country the expected thing to do is to try and adapt to the new culture and norms. But so many people do not do this and instead create their own little communities within the area they live which prohibits them from assimilating into the society of the country they are now living in. This could not be better exemplified in a Canadian public school that was found to have a computer lab for students turned into a mini-mosque.

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Parents were outraged when they found that the computer lab in their children’s school was being used as a makeshift mosque by students of the Muslim faith. To top it off, non-Muslim students were being denied entrance into it despite the fact the computer lab was placed there for their use. Not only did they take over the lab they are denying entrance! Something they have no right to do.

Reporter David Menzies of Rebel Media went to a meeting held by parents where they confronted their local school board over this controversial issue. Menzies spoke to a Canadian woman who was very displeased with this recent turn of events. The woman who is a parent and mother said the following,

“Last week when I was having a chat with one of the fellow parents in my community, she mentioned to me that their daughter’s class was stopped outside the computer lab. They couldn’t get to the computer lab. The reason was that prayer was going on inside the computer lab and they had to wait for a half hour.”

Watch the video of enraged parents over the school allowing Islamic prayers in the computer lab:

Parents have every right to be upset over this blatant misuse of their taxpayer money to cater to Muslims. Islam is the only religion that is given special privilege in public-funded schools where, according to federal authorities, the law forbids school property from being used for religious purposes – but only for Christians, apparently!

Source: Joe For America

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