Muslim Stabber Makes 1 Outrageous Demand Before Court, Judge Shuts Him Down With 8 Powerful Words

There are several things that we can count on. One is that the western system of jurisprudence and Sharia law cannot function together in the same place. They are simply far too different. One other thing you can count on is that Muslim jihadists, arrested for some criminal act, will demand to be tried in western nations such as the U.S. under Islamic Sharia law instead our own laws and judicial procedures.

What you can be assured of is that this cannot work. For one thing, were you to compare the two systems side by side, it would be obvious that they cannot be synthesized into one body of law. You can have one or the other, but not both. Hence, when a Muslim defendant starts demanding Sharia rights, he or she is demanding that American laws and judicial traditions and precedents be discarded.

It’s an act of arrogance and entitlement that must be rejected every time it is attempted. Hence, when a Muslim man on trial for attacking a police officer in an attempt to get this gun to commit further violence demanded to be told the addresses of those who would be called to testify against him, his goal was obvious. The judge clearly saw the motivation, denying the request explaining that, “He targets a group of people by profession.”

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As reported by the Detroit Free Press, instead of acquiescing to his request, the judge began the trial by stating that, “‘Those were very disturbing statements that were made after his arrest,’ [Judge] Parker said, referring to a filing from the U.S. Attorney’s Office stating Ftouhi told officials detaining him that he came to the country with the ‘sole purpose of killing armed U.S. government employees.’

“‘There was no ramping down,’ Parker said. ‘He targets a group of people by profession. Those statements need to be taken with some degree of seriousness.'”

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It is essential that America stand her ground if we are to survive as a people.

There are those who will claim that this is Islamophobia or some other contrived offense. Nonsense. There are jihadist groups that have specifically stated their intent to commit terror attacks in western nations such as the U.S. until those nations succumb to Islam. Those are their words, spoken publicly, not ours. Individuals like Ftouhi are the tools by which militant Islam intends to make this happen.

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The solution is simple, but takes guts and a lot of work. Individuals such as Ftouhi need to be aggressively prosecuted. Law enforcement must be proactive in locating terror cells and bring their members to trial before they can carry out their plans.

And our system of justice and laws must be followed in all legal and judicial proceedings. Those who insist on living under Sharia law are free to go live somewhere in a country where that system is followed. The U.S. is not such a place and never will be.

Source: Mad World News

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