Muslim Rights Activist In Trouble For Charity Fraud? Over $110K Given To…

The term “Muslim feminist” might seem like an oxymoron given that the common understandings of the two words making up that term run into some conflicts. At least the American, and indeed the Western, understanding of what it means to be a feminist does clash profoundly with what male Muslim leaders have claimed is the proper role of women in an Islamic society.

There are issues over the education of women, as well as things as seemingly simple as appropriate dress that would put Muslims and feminists on opposite sides of the table with strongly held views in direct conflict with each other. Just read what the parties themselves have written and this is obvious.

Nevertheless, Muslim rights activist Linda Sarsour claims to be a “Muslim feminist,” and is actively raising money for a Somali women who has purported to be the victim of a hate crime. However it is increasingly becoming apparent that the fundraising program orchestrated by Sarsour is a scam, as it appears that no hate crime actually happened.

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“Linda Sarsour is a Muslim activist who calls herself a feminist. She’s really a defender of sharia law, which can’t be compatible with feminism in any way due to its inherent misogyny. It doesn’t seem to bother this so-called ‘feminist’, though. Sarsour has come under attack for many of her extremist views, but now, she’s being accused of something else: fraud.”

This is something of a restatement of what we just said about the inherent incompatibility of Islam and feminism, only in a bit stronger of terms. Hence, a flexible meaning of some terms is somewhat baked into the cake when it comes to Ms. Sarsour.

Here’s the alleged cause that Sarsour is supposedly supporting:

“Sarsour helped raise over $110,000 for a Somali woman who claims to have been a victim of a hate crime. Rahma Warsame is a 40-year-old single mother living in Columbus, Ohio. Warsame says that she was brutally attacked by a white man after coming to the defense of another ‘sister’ — presumably, another Muslim woman — and was hospitalized with four missing teeth, a swollen face and nose, and a busted lip.”

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And here is where Sarsour’s cause gets derailed:

“CAIR has since gotten involved in Warsame’s case, saying that the man in question told her, ‘You will all be shipped back to Africa’. But a surprising source has come forward to dispute Warsame’s claims.

“Samantha Morales is a Mexican-American woman, and she says that Warsame attacked her first, along with a mob of other people, and that the entire ruckus was over a neighborhood argument — and had nothing to do with race or religion. ‘What happened is not what she is claiming. The woman that is in the hospital, I feel sorry for her, but she is one of the women who was kicking and hitting me after I got tased,’ Morales said.”

The police have investigated the case and have determined that no hate crime occurred.

So what can we conclude from this confused situation?

For one thing, Sarsour and CAIR are more interested in inventing alleged offenses against Muslims than they are in pursuing anything approaching the truth. If there are not enough stories of discrimination or hostility against Muslims to make the pages of the New York Times, then it is necessary to find some stories that can be spun in such a way as to make the news.

The second point is a bit more prosaic, but still of interest: What became of the $110,000 that Sarsour raised for the victim of a hate crime that did not happen?

Note doubt she has put it to very good use.

Source: Right Wing News

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