Muslim Refugee Just Convicted For Beating Wife With Hammer…What Judge Does Next Scares Her Stiff!

We continue to make the point that the left has a serious problem when it comes to supporting both Islam and the feminist cause. The two simply do not mix. One or the other has to give or they both cannot coexist under the mantle of the left or the Democratic party.

There is clearly a huge portion of the Muslim community that does not follow a fundamentalist approach to the practice of the Islamic scriptures. But there are plenty who do, and they present a terrific dilemma for the left.

Imagine a man beating his wife into a bloody mass and the maximum penalty not being imposed. That’s exactly what just happened in Britain as the judge hearing the case ruled that after he services his prison sentence, this wife-beater will not be deported.

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The story begins with a Pakistani man and his non-Muslim wife. “After marrying a Western woman to obtain a visa, a refugee expected her to be devoutly obedient in accordance with his religion. However, as soon as the migrant saw what she ‘forgot,’ he brandished 2 hammers and beat her in a gruesome hour-long attack.”

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“With the Quran teaching that women are worth half a man and that men have authority over their wives and should beat them,” where is the condemnation of this teaching and practice from the feminists on the left?

Is this man just utterly depraved or is following the teachings of his religion? Or perhaps both? In any event, any man who does this is a disgrace to the human race.

“Daily Mail reports that Akram’s wife, 20-year-old Mariam Hussain, barely escaped with her life after her Pakistani husband brutalized her with 2 hammers in an hour-long attack because she ‘forgot’ to have his dinner ready when he arrived home at 1 a.m. after a long night of partying.”

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The British Court that heard the case was completely derelict in its responsibility to administer justice. “Although Akram pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm, the Cardiff Crown Court sentenced him to just 15 months in jail and dismissed Hussain’s request to deport him, according to The Sun. Despite knowing that Akram married his wife solely for a visa, the court will allow him to remain in Britain as an asylum seeker.”

When you refuse to correctly punish this sort of behavior, you encourage it. That court is a disgrace, and anyone who thinks that a civilized society can tolerate such deviants in its midst is nuts.
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