You’ll Never Believe How Much Muslim Refugee Gets In Welfare Benefits For 4 Wives, 23 Children

The advanced socialist welfare state, that much of the West and other nations have long ago become, contain the seeds of their own financial destruction. While there is no space here to debate economic theory, it must occur to even the most casual observer that at some point the costs of carrying so many on the welfare benefits packages will overcome the ability of the productive part of society to continue to fund such benefits.

They should also have an inkling that the result of such a collapse will be bad for most everyone, especially those collecting benefits. States can run out of money. And while the federal government has the ability to tap into money created by fiat, there is a practical limit to how much can be created and for how long that system can be propped up. History provides plenty of examples.

Here is a perfect example of the sort of thing that, if not stopped, portends economic disaster for the nations that permit it. A Syrian Muslim refugee now in Germany arrived with his four wives and twenty-three children, all of whom draw welfare benefits. He’s a sharp cookie, too. By listing three of his wives as “friends,” he has maximized his benefits, to the tune of the equivalent of $412,000 in benefits from the German government.

The Sun reports that “[t]he man named only as Ghazia A fled Syria with his huge family last year and has since settled in Germany.

“He doesn’t work and instead lives off the huge benefit bung, according to a financial manager who worked out what the state is liable to fork out.

“There is official confirmation of the £320,000 ($412,000 US Dollars) figure.

“Under Islamic law a man can marry up to four wives as long as he is able to give them financial support.

“However, German law does not recognize polygamous marriages.

“But instead of the marriages being ignored, the refugee was given special leeway to choose his ‘main wife’.

“The other three women were then categorised as ‘friends’ in an arrangement a local official described as an ‘exemption’, German daily Rhein-Zeitung reports.”

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There is no reason to make this outrage a complicated matter. What we have here is derelict German government officials deciding to commit economic suicide on behalf the the German people. There it is. What else can you say about such a preposterous situation other than perhaps to ask how many other such examples of malfeasance are out there?

“He said he used to run a garage and car hire service in Syria before the country’s descent into civil war, allowing him to provide for his family.

“However he has not worked since the move to Europe last year on the back of Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s open door policy.

“He told German daily Bild he was committed to his families: ‘In our religion it is my duty to visit every family and to be with them.'”

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Now that’s very nice of him. He regularly checks in with his four wives and twenty-three kids. Just that alone could almost be a full-time job, so how could anyone expect him to work and still follow the dictates of his religion to spend time with every family he has created? Apparently in Germany, no one does. At least no one in government.

Yet if outrageous misgovernment such as this is tolerated, there will be a day of reckoning. And politics can take frightful turns at such inflection points.

Source: Liberty One

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