Radical Muslim Leader’s SHOCKING Live TV Interview Should Finally Wake America The Hell Up!

The thing about certain Muslim leaders is they have no problem in telling us exactly what they intend to do to those who do not participate in their beliefs or religion. More importantly, the thing about Liberals is that they absolutely and steadfastly refuse to believe radical Muslims when they say they are here to dominate.

In predominantly radical Muslim countries, especially those infested with ISIS terrorists, the actions of raping, murdering, and beheading human beings is EXACTLY what they have vowed, over and over, to do to any western culture.

Why won’t the Liberals believe them? Your guess is as good as mine, but it appears as though the Liberals are so determined to show us conservatives how superior liberalism is to conservatism, that they are willing to risk even everyone’s lives to prove it.

This interview on CNN proves Conservatives’ points about radical Islamic terror infiltrating America doesn’t seem to affect Liberals. But trust me, America is in big trouble if nothing is done to protect our homeland.

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From Yes I’m Right:

Islamists want Christians, Jews, and everyone else to succumb to Sharia law and
the Muslim way of life. Here’s proof to exactly that.

When Paris was bombarded with terrorism, this London based Muslim imam named
Anjem Chodary went on TV and defended the attacks, citing that it is within the
laws of Islam to do as Muhammad did. This is absolutely sickening.

Here’s your chance to hear the truth straight from the horse’s mouth, Anjem Choudry, the London based Muslim Imam.

In case you didn’t get it the first time, Liberals are willing to risk the existence of western civilization itself in order to prove their values are greater than our conservative values!

Whether or not Liberals will ever have a light bulb moment and realize their mistake isn’t as important as making sure Conservatives remain in control of the reins of power. Because, at this juncture, the stakes are way too high to allow Liberals to make any decisions about America’s future!

If they do get back into power, America may not have a future!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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