Muslim Migrant Rapes Girl In Unspeakable Manner, But What Court Does In Response Is Unthinkable

We are very fortunate that we live in a nation where the bulk of the population respects the laws and the courts that administer them, even if they disagree with some of the decisions. If that were ever to break down, you will see chaos the likes of which this nation has never experienced.

All that said, it is unwise to presume the people will forever tolerate unjust rulings by judges who have an agenda that is at variance with the laws of the land. There is a limit to what people will put up with, even in a nation with a widespread respect for the law such as in the U.S. The well-known “Don’t Tread on Me” flag can take on a very real significance if people’s rights are trampled on by a judiciary that’s out of control.

Islamic infiltration is much more advanced in European nations where courts are incorporating Sharia law into their rulings. As you are aware, much of Europe has been overrun by Muslim migrants who are insisting that courts follow Sharia law when trying cases involving Muslims. Hence, we see this outrage in Sweden. A Muslim migrant who violently raped a disabled girl has been blocked from deportation by the court.

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“When a refugee encountered a mentally disabled girl, he overpowered his helpless victim and subjected her to unspeakable sexual assault before leaving her to freeze to death on the road. However, the sadistic rapist was spared deportation and will return to living off the taxpayers all because the judge heard 3 disturbing words.”

“Fria Tider reports that the Court of Appeal over Skåne recently overturned the Malmö District Court’s previous ruling to deport the failed Afghan asylum seeker after one of the liberal judges on their panel suggested that he ‘has bad feelings’ about raping the high school girl for 2 hours.

“According to the court of appeals, one must take into account that the rapist is ‘a young person who has recently reached the age of 18 years, has previously been unpunished, has bad feelings – with three suicide attempts in Sweden – and the security situation in Afghanistan is serious. In view of these circumstances, the court of appeals adheres to the opposite meaning of the verdict of the district court. Thus, the penalty of expulsion must be rejected,’ the Court writes.”

Someone ought to sentence those judges to having to allow this rapist to live in their homes and see how that goes over. Of course, this is absurd, but no more so than that court’s asinine ruling.

This is a warning to Americans. Stand your ground, and demand justice based exclusively on our Constitution and Bill of Rights and on our tradition of western jurisprudence and judicial precedent. Sharia law has no place in the United States, and judges who think otherwise need to be removed.

Source: Mad World News

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