Muslim Man Walks Down Street With Sword — Guess What Happened When Police Arrived?

You may be surprised to learn that, in addition to Seattle being one of the rainiest places in the Lower 48, it also sports one of the busiest ports in the nation, especially on the West Coast. Seattle and Bellingham are two of the most prolific ports in Washington. This means that there are a lot of reasons why resettlement into this state by Muslims who may not be so friendly to the US is not really a great idea.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Barack Hussein Obama and his administration’s policies worked toward that goal almost as soon as it became possible. The resettlement of Muslim refugees into the US was constant and it was particular. Many of these resettlements took place in areas that were in the northern states. Strange? Not really, when you consider that our agents on the porous border in the south were concentrating on Mexicans and Central Americans.

In the north, especially in view of the very loose Canadian refugee programs, how easy would it be for Middle Eastern men to slip into the United States and assimilate into the numerous Muslim communities without notice? Are these policies setting us up for violence? In the case of Washington, a Muslim man decided to take the law into his own hands and attempt to behead a police officer. However, he received brutal justice, being met with a hail of bullets!

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Mad World News:

A man in Washington state was in for a bit more than he bargained after trying to publicly behead a police officer with a sword. Unfortunately for him, he was about to learn a brutal lesson after picking the wrong set of cops to attack – and it’s safe to say that he isn’t laughing anymore.

The incident took place over the weekend in Kennewick, Washington, and considering the facts of the case, it isn’t making national headlines with the liberal mainstream media. According to local news affiliate CBS KEPRtv, it all started when 911 dispatchers received a few phone calls about a Muslim man walking down the street with a sword.

As one would imagine, a few officers were sent out to investigate and found the claims to be true. However, things would take a horrific turn when Officer Joshua Kuhn and Officer Jason Kiel of the Kennewick Police Department approached the man later identified as 46-year-old Hussein Hassan.

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Without warning, the Muslim suspect confronted one of the officers and swung the sword in a desperate attempt to behead him.

Unfortunately for Hassan, he was about to learn a brutal lesson after trying to kill the wrong cop. In the blink of an eye, both the officer and his partner drew their weapons and fired upon the Muslim man, dropping him instantly.

The officer who was attacked was actually cut when the sword blade hit the policeman’s head instead of the intended target of his neck and glanced off his skull.  While the officer was later released with a minor head wound, the Muslim man died from his injuries.

It’s not said in the report if Hussein Hassan was a refugee or an illegal alien, but the fact that he was able to carry a sword through the streets so brazenly says all we need to know about the preferences of these people to keep far away from assimilation into American culture and remain as close to their own culture, even if it means a “glorious death.”

Source:  Mad World News

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