Muslim Man Says Allah Allows Him To Rape His Wife, Judge Has 3 Words

It has become more and more commonplace these days to hear about some horrific crime committed by a Muslim that has somehow been excused by the mainstream media as “Americans just don’t understand the culture,” or “They need to be given time to assimilate.”

These excuses are terrible in that they are lies, but even more so because the Leftist media and Democrat Party that pushes these narratives more closer and closer toward the eventual moment when they will have to choose between American values and Sharia Law. It’s becoming more evident as time goes on that Liberals will choose anything over American values…up to and including Sharia Law.

In the United Kingdom, they are grappling with their own problems with Muslims and non-assimilation. A serial rapist was smugly before a judge indicating that he had the right to repeatedly rape his wife, according to a decree by Allah. The judge, not having any of that nonsense in his courtroom, gave his answer defiantly, that the man’s actions “cannot be excused!”

Mad World News:

While a pervert was on trial for recording a gruesome rape, he chastised the authorities, reminding them that his religion gives him the right to sexually assault women. However, as soon as he told them what his belief system permits, the indignant judge decided to show him what Western justice system allows…

After a 35-year-old Muslim man, who remains unnamed, was arrested for the gruesome rape of his wife, the court was shocked to hear that not only was the accused completely remorseless but he also conveyed his belief that he has the religious right to act out such vile abuse. Local Heart news reports that the defendant told Newcastle Crown Court in the UK that they were infringing upon his religious rights by charging him with the sexual assault of his wife because “Islam consented to everything that was on the video.”

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In the footage, the victim was clearly intoxicated and pleading through tears for her husband to stop the gruesome sexual abuse. The Muslim defendant justified the recording by accusing the wife of adultery, claiming that he was documenting proof that she commits sins against Islam by drinking alcohol and sleeping with other men. He added that he needs the evidence to pursue a divorce in the Sharia court, an illegal justice system based on Islamic laws.

…[T]he judge rejected his religious rights, siding with the inspector’s judgment that rape “cannot be excused” by any community or religion!

Additionally, the judge sentenced the man to a whopping 10 years in prison and registry as a sex offender for life…

This is one of those situations where nothing that the defendant says or has a defense for on the grounds of religious beliefs should be taken into account. The fact that he physically beat and raped his wife to “get evidence so he could divorce her” is ludicrous and horrifying.

Where this man is going, he may find that rapists are not very welcomed in prison. And perhaps he will find a new respect for women when he sees some of the horrid realities of the big house.

Source: Mad World News

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