Muslim Man Jokes About Killing Infidels, Court Instantly Gives Him Something To ‘Joke’ About

There are few things that are as annoying as some arrogant jerk who flaunts the law or accepted regulations, and then mocks those who might call him or her to account for these acts of malfeasance. And we’re not talking about Hillary Clinton or even Bill here for once. In fact, the event that will be examined happened in the United Kingdom.

What we have hold of here is a man who went on a Facebook rant against Jews. Unfortunately, that’s not really news since the world, especially the world of the internet, is filled with bigots, and others who have an axe to grind as well as those who are just plain kooks. This man would fall into the category of an extreme bigot.

The gentleman in question is a Muslim lawyer in the United Kingdom. He created a Facebook page filled with anti-Semitic and vulgar language that included encouragement that Jews be killed. He also expressed regret that airplanes carrying Jews did not crash. Although he must have thought his minority status would give him immunity for conduct that was grossly inappropriate for anyone, especially an attorney, he found out he was wrong. His license to practice law was lifted for a year, and he was assessed fines totaling about $45,000.

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The Law Society Gazette relates the story:

“Majid Mahmood posted abusive messages twice on social media site Facebook in 2015 and 2016, with the comments captured using a screen-grab.

“Mahmood, a solicitor for 12 years, said that ‘somebody needs to shoot all the Israeli Zionists dead then send their bodies to America as a present for Obama and his Zionist pals’.

“When told by a member of the public his comments would be shared with the SRA [Solicitors Regulation Authority], he responded: ‘Yeah feel free to report me.'”

Not only do we have a lawyer advocating violence, but one with an extremely annoying cocky attitude. Fortunately, someone did report him, although he managed to post some more hateful comments online before action was taken.

“On the second occasion, Mahmood had referred to ‘chosen people’ and said it was a shame a plane carrying Israelis ‘didn’t blow up mid air’. This was posted on a Facebook page entitled ‘Israel is a War Criminal’s post’.

“In a further response, he told a Facebook user ‘don’t threaten me go and f*ck yourself’. The comments appeared with his name in a hyperlink enabling the reader to navigate to a page showing his name, job title as ‘senior solicitor’ and displaying the name of his firm at the time, Luton-based City Law Chambers.”

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Apparently, he finally went too far as the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal intervened.

“The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal said the SRA had not proven the allegation of anti-Semitisim in relation to his first post, but it was proven in relation to the second. He had demonstrated a lack of integrity in relation to both.

“Mahmood had shown a ‘worrying lack of self-discipline and common sense’, and inflamed and promoted a backlash of comment, the SDT said.

“The tribunal judgment added:’‘The intemperate language used, the hatred manifested, including against anti-Zionists as well as Jewish people, and wishing them dead by graphic means were terrible ideas for a solicitor to be promoting.’

“Mahmood, who now works for Hertfordshire firm Liberty Law Solicitors, was fined £25,000 and handed a one-year suspension from practice, suspended for 12 months. He will also pay around £9,500 in costs.”

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Too bad he wasn’t ordered to do a year’s worth of community service in Jewish neighborhoods. Nevertheless, the British courts got this one right, and Mr. Mahmood might not be as cocky as he once was, not to mention the British equivalent of about $45,000 poorer.

The only question that remains is why a reputable British law firm would hire such an individual.

Source: Mad World News

Source: The Law Society Gazette

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