Muslim Man Hires Hitman To Bump Off Judge Deciding His Case, Gets Brutal Surprise When He Enters Courtroom

Sometimes true stories are so incredible that we’re convinced they must be fictional. After all, some things just don’t happen, right? The probabilities of various scenarios are simply below the vanishing point. Then the improbable does happen.

Tragically, there are those Muslims in our midst who have violent intentions. They may have arrived here with plans for conducting terrorist operations, or they may be citizens of the U.S. who chose to turn on their country and embrace a violent jihadist ideology. In any case, they belong in jail or deported as the situation warrants. They do not need to be wandering the streets preparing to conduct terrorist acts.

Then there are those who take their violent intentions to the extreme. A Muslim jihadist was to appear before a judge known for following a conservative judicial philosophy. In order to avoid appearing in this judge’s court, he hired someone he thought to be a hitman who would kill the judge. As it turned out, the so-called hitman was an undercover law enforcement agent. He convinced this convict that the judge was dead. Imagine the shock when the criminal walked into court and saw the judge presiding as usual.

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“Because the Quran’s prescribed punishment for offending Islam is death, Muslim jihadist Yahya Farooq Mohammad, 39, was inspired to carry out the death of U.S. District Court Judge Jack Zahoury, the conservative judge appointed by former President George W. Bush presiding over his case.

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“For daring to punish a soldier of Allah for simply carrying out the Quran’s commands, Mohammad hired a hitman to take out Judge Zahoury before sentencing in the hopes that his gruesome murder would stave off justice and possibly intimidate other judges into releasing him. Unbelievably, Mohammad’s plans backfired in a brilliant way.

“After the hired hitman showed Mohammad’s wife a photo of the murdered judge, the jihadist celebrated his sadistic success. This was why he was absolutely stunned to arrive at court to find Judge Zahoury not only alive and well but adding another decade to his already lengthy sentence plus deportation after the time is served.”

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This is poetic justice exemplified. We have a criminal who decided to have a judge murdered in the hope of getting off with a light sentence for his original crime. Whether this guy was just stupid or overcome with a lust for blood is unknown. What can be said is that it is more than just fortunate that the alleged hitman he hired turned out to be a law enforcement officer. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

As politically incorrect as it might be, pressure must continue to be exerted against suspected terrorists and terrorist cells regardless of their political preferences. As just illustrated, the depths to which such jihadists will go to accomplish their violent intentions is incredible. Innocent lives are at stake. They must be stopped.

Source: Mad World News

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