Muslim Man Expects Court To Return His $12,000 Upon Prison Release — Judge Has 5 Words For Him

It takes a lot of work to miss the point that there are some distinct differences between Islamic law and the culture it produces, and the laws and customs common to the west. Liberals, in their eternal quest to reinterpret clear meanings, would like for everyone to believe that mixing these together will work. As usual, they are wrong.

In this light, we observe that a Sharia law policeman was convicted by a British court and thrown in prison for just over two years for attacking a young couple who were publicly displaying affection not permitted in Islam. So we see the other part of the problem. If Muslims establish Sharia law in a western nation, to whom does it apply?

The equivalent of $12,000 was confiscated from this convict, and he is now demanding it back on release. Fortunately, the judge hearing the matter refused to return the funds, instead observing that, given his history, it would likely go for terrorist activities, and that she “did not accept his account” of what transpired.

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Here’s the “offense” that got this so-called Sharia policemen upset enough to attack a young couple: “Michael Coe, 36, knocked out a 16-year-old boy after spotting him hugging his girlfriend near Upton Park Tube station in East Ham.” If Mr. Coe’s actions are an accurate representation of Sharia law, he just proved the point that we’re dealing with two incompatible legal and cultural systems.

At least a British court took the proper action in putting this man in prison for beating up a minor. “Coe, who once acted as a bodyguard for hate preacher Anjem Choudary, was jailed for two years and four months last December for the assault.”

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Here’s some background which serves at the basis for the recent refusal by a judge to return the funds to him.

“In 2015 he was cleared by an Old Bailey jury, with Muslim convert Simon Keeler, of preparing for terrorism acts. It was alleged the pair planned to fight for Islamic State in Syria when they were caught in the back of a lorry at Dover. Coe denied the claim and said he was visiting his wife in Sweden.

“District Judge Vanessa Baraitser said she ‘did not accept his account in relation to his reasons for travel’.”

Only a fool, or someone who has an agenda would believe the purpose for which he claimed he would use the money. While one might wonder why his wife is in Sweden, he could certainly travel there from England for much less than $12,000.

The judge nailed it. In fact, considering that Coe beat up minors, he should be happy he isn’t spending far more than 28 months in prison.

Coe does a terrific job of illustrating the problem caused by the intransigent refusal of Muslim migrants to assimilate into their new home countries. Perfectly acceptable and normal behavior by existing citizens suddenly becomes criminalized by the injection of a foreign legal system which clearly is intended to be imposed on more than just the adherents of Islam.

No one should be confused or be misled. Sharia law is a broadside attack on western law and culture. There is a vast difference that liberals, try as they might, cannot paper over. The truth, as usual, remains for anyone willing to observe it.

Source: Mad World News

Source: Evening Standard

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