Americans Pissed To Hear Muslim Man Demand 1 Sharia Law Custom In Prison After Murdering US Soldier

In American prisons, like in many countries around the world and most especially in Europe, where extremely Liberal policies dominate the culture inside the facilities, prisoners are treated like paying guests in a hotel. They are given access to phones, weightlifting equipment, cable television, DVD collections, libraries, skill-building, internet, concerts, and stand-up shows.

When Americans find out what goes on inside these prisons, they are invariably upset with the posh conditions, considering that the people who commit some of the most brutal and terrible crimes in this country are basically rewarded with an extended hotel stay, complete with three square meals a day and clothing. Oftentimes, they are also treated to special foods that help them to be reminded of home.

Some that commit crimes and released into the populace end up recommitting the same or similar crimes, just to be put back “in the joint” because the thought of living on their own and having to provide for themselves is almost too much to bear. In Bill Clinton’s neck of the woods, the Little Rock, Arkansas state prison is going so far as to consider providing a Muslim terrorist prison with a special Islamic-based diet called Halal. This after having committed murder against a US soldier!

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In 2009 Curtis Bledsoe, now known as Abdulhakim Muhammad, fatally shot one U.S. soldier and injured another outside of a military recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas. In his explanation for why he murdered Pvt. William Long, he cited his religion, saying he’s “loved jihad every since I became Muslim.”

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He’s been locked up since 2012 and now he’s making dietary demands on the prison, taking the Department of Correction to court for not providing him halal food every day.

A federal judge began hearing testimony Monday that the prison is violating his religious freedom by refusing him this special diet that adheres to his Muslim faith.

Halal food, or permitted food, according to Muhammad, means meat from herbivorous animals that are killed in accordance with a specific ritual. Haram, or prohibited food, includes meat from carnivorous animals, pork, meat from animals not slaughtered according to ritual, and food that contains certain ingredients such as animal byproducts, diglycerides, monoglycerides, pepsin, gelatin, and alcohol. Kosher meats are an acceptable alternative, he said.

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“Mr. Muhammad sincerely believes as a practicing Muslim he must consume a halal diet,” said his attorney Jess Askew.

As Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch asked, “If he had murdered Long out of adherence to Nazi principles, would the Arkansas Department of Correction be obliged to accommodate his adherence to Nazism in prison?”

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As you may recall, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona was one of those outspoken and plain-speaking law enforcement agents who didn’t believe in coddling prisoners. In fact, he leaned toward harsher punishments than what the prison system had set up and insisted that they do have most every modern luxury removed from their cells because he felt that the American taxpayer had no obligation to pay for these things for men and women who opted out of their citizenship.

We all know that Sheriff Arpaio came out of a recent scuffle in the courts by virtue of a pardon from President Donald Trump and how the activist judge, despite the pardon, attempted but failed to carry out the harsh sentence on the sheriff. This is how we reward on the Left. Commit a crime, win a prize. Carry out the law, be prosecuted. How backwards can we be?

Source: Townhall

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