Muslim Leech Uses Sharia Law To Steal ‘Free’ Welfare Money, Taxpayers Say ‘Hell No’!

In this country, welfare breeds contempt for the very people who pay the bills. It’s an amazing thing to watch as those on government assistance, often from cradle to grave, in essence teaching their children and grandchildren the same lessons they have learned to take the taxpayer for every dime they have, look at the people who are working hard to ensure that those who are less fortunate are allowed their “fair share.”

In other countries, as in the United States, the welfare systems are just as corrupt. Rampant Socialism throughout the planet has done nothing to advance civilized nations, but has done just the opposite, as the majority of these countries are in such debt that they will never be able to recover. In fact, for most of Europe, that is the case. Progressive lessons learned are those that are used to punish the successful and reward the lazy and the dishonest, until there is literally nothing left for the folks who legitimately need the help.

In Australia, a similar situation has unfolded. A single mother with several children was collecting welfare for 17 long years; that is, until the Australian authorities discovered that the Muslim woman was already married. But to make matters even worse, it was revealed that her husband was a multi-millionaire who owned many businesses. As they enjoyed their millions, the taxpayers were quite frankly working themselves to death to pay for people like Rebecca Khodragha and her very wealthy family!

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Mad World News:

For 18 years, a single mother headed to the welfare office each month to collect her checks while living in government housing with her children. However, as soon as police took a closer look at her suspicious behavior, they discovered the welfare leech’s incredibly disturbing secret.

When Rebecca Khodragha arrived at the welfare office for her monthly benefits, Australians believed that she was a struggling single mother who barely made ends meet for her children. What they didn’t realize was that not only has Khodragha been married for years, but she and her husband were hiding a reprehensible secret.

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The Daily Mail reports that after 18 years of collecting welfare, public benefits, and living in government housing, Khodragha was found to be a “millionaire” welfare queen who is married to a wealthy Muslim man with multiple businesses and homes. Khodgragha’s husband, Khaled, reportedly owns several electrical contracting businesses that rake in around $1 million every year, allowing her family to lazily leech off taxpayers while making millions on the side.

Authorities confirmed that Khodragha managed to cheat taxpayers out of benefits for nearly 2 decades by posing as a single mother because she was married in accordance with Sharia law, which allowed her to forego registering her union to Khaled with the Australian government.

Despite breaking the law and swindling hardworking citizens for 18 years, Khodragha was convicted of just 2 counts of fraud in November 2016 and has been sentenced to a paltry 3 months of “home detention” for her actions.

In short, the court allowed Khodgragha to serve her initial prison sentence in the comfort of her own home with all of her possessions bought by taxpayers.

The only consolation to the Australian taxpayers is knowing that Khodragha was forced to vacate her government housing residence and has been ordered to pay back more than $80,000 in rent. However, there has been no report that either Khodragha or Khaled will be required to pay back any of the money they illegally accumulated through other benefits programs.

Despite being sentenced one year ago, Khodragha remained in the same taxpayer-funded home while completing her sentence.

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This is what Socialism has wrought…a system that is ripe for corruption and thievery. Even when there are safeguards in place, there are those who find ways to game the system and steal hundreds of thousands from the hard-working people.

Source: Mad World News

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