Muslim Militant Says Raping 4 Women Was Part Of His “Salary,” Judge Has 2 Brutal Words For Him

There’s a word for the Muslim “game” of rape and it’s called Taharrush. This is a brutal practice that has been documented time and time again in Europe by Germans, Scandinavians, the French and the Italians. It is one in which gangs of refugee and illegal Muslim men band together and go out in search of victim women. Like packs of ravenous wolves, they prey on the sheep in the community.

The men involved in Taharrush are not guilty of any crime, according to Sharia Law, because the practice is considered a sort of rite of passage to manhood. Males find a victim and each one of the men savagely rape her over and over until the “game” ends. As this is not in line with the feminist views of the West, Leftists will NEVER refer to this “game,” nor will they even entertain a conversation about it if the subject arises.

Enter the 40-year-old Mohammed Ahmed, who has been charged with horribly raping four women who were, by his own admission, part of his monthly salary. These four he kept within his home as he marauded the countryside, killing townspeople and even little children. The judge in the case dropped two words to this horrible man, awarding him the maximum sentence of the “death penalty!”

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Mad World News:

…[L]ocals have set up several makeshift courts in order to hold former members of ISIS responsible for their atrocities. Unfortunately for the stranded fighters leftover in the city, they were quickly swept up and taken into custody.

Sadly, it seems that these men are the worst of the worst and just as evil as everyone says they are as people are now learning the horrific charges some of these monsters are facing.

Come to find out, the twisted individual admitted to following orders directing him to slaughter innocent people. “I shot them there in the school hall,” he told the court. “I think I killed 10 or 12 of them, including some children.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the worst of it as he was then told to take the “prettiest” girls in the town and sell them into slavery. For his compliance, Ahmed was reported rewarded with four virgin women, between 22 and 30.

From there, he took his captives to an abandoned house, where he would keep them and have sex with “a different one” every night. “They were part of my salary…”

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This man deserves whatever is doled out for him, but it doesn’t change the fact that this one monster altered forever the lives of dozens, if not hundreds, of people in Mosul, Iraq.

Something like this is meant to send out a signal to those who would think of and do such horrific things to another human being. Unfortunately, at times it appears as if we are not dealing with human beings, but just more animals.

Source: Mad World News

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