Muslim Gang Attempts To Abduct Woman From Her Car, She Saves Herself With 3 Simple Words

The attempt by the left to separate and expunge barbaric ideology from Islam is not going very well. It would be nice if it could be done, but there appear to be enough contradicting passages in the Koran to allow followers to take what parts they wish and run with them.

Violent Muslim gangs are obviously focusing on the more vengeful parts of the Koran, at least to the degree that they even study their holy book. In any event, they are a menace to peaceful society, and saying nice things about Islam doesn’t seem to be helping matters.

In fact, as one British woman would tell you from her experience with one of these gangs, your best move is her perfect three word response: lock your doors.

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It would be very nice to be able to drive about without worrying about a carjacking. And depending on where you live, you likely can do just that. Nevertheless, caution is in order, as even what might appear to be quite innocent can turn ugly.

This point was driven home to Cala Grant who lives in a suburb Manchester, England. The Telegraph has the story.

“‘Two men attempted to get into my car while I was sat at traffic lights in Offerton,’ she wrote. ‘As the male was walking towards the driver side he looked like he was just crossing the road then quickly went for my door handle.'”

“‘At that time out of nowhere another male was attempting my passenger side,’ Ms. Grant continued. ‘Luckily my doors were locked so I just raced off through a red light and nearly got hit by another driver in the process.'”

She learned that “the incident was actually the workings of a Muslim gang who either wanted to steal the woman’s car or kidnap her entirely.”

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As a result of this, her admonition is to lock your car doors. For most of us, this happens automatically when we shift out of “park.” But for those with older cars, especially ones without power locks, this becomes a matter that requires conscious effort.

A second woman had a similar experience a few streets over.

Unfortunately, at this point political correctness enters the story. “[T]he men have only been described as ‘Asian’ men in their 20’s, but that’s actually saying a bit more than police probably intended. After all, using the term ‘Asian’ to describe men of Middle Eastern descent has become commonplace for liberals.”

What a stupid thing to do. For one thing, Asians and Middle-Easterners don’t look alike. For another thing, no doubt those who truly are Asians cannot be very appreciative of this. And for another, using this idiotic tactic shows the cowardice of the left: Blame the violence on a group less likely to create havoc.

Fortunately, we’ve not heard of using the term “Asian” as a euphemism for “Middle-Eastern” before, and we hope to never hear of it again.

Meanwhile, lock your car doors.

Source: Mad World News

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