Muslim Claims Killing Neighbor For Allah Doesn’t Make Him “Bad Person” — Judge Gives Instant, Brutal Justice

Radicalization of youths in America appears to be happening with more and more frequency. The paranoia surrounding parents who are sending their children off to college is warranted. When a full 82% of professors at the bulk of American colleges are self-described as Liberals, it’s difficult to know what they are actually being taught and if, in fact, they’re not merely being conditioned or “primed” for radicalization.

In addition to the professors, there are the school boards that continuously allow radical imams and Muslim speakers on behalf of CAIR to lecture the children on their “Islamophobia,” while denying Conservative speakers or, better yet, inciting the children to do the rioting for them in order to shut down any speech by a Right-wing orator.

Justin Sullivan, who stole his father’s rifle and murdered a 74-year-old neighbor in his sleep as “practice” before a huge tribute to ISIS in the form of a bomb at a big gathering on evil Americans, was serving a life sentence for his role in that big plan when he muttered that he was “not a bad guy” for what he did to his neighbor, refusing to show remorse. The judge decided that another life sentence was in order.

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The Charlotte Observer:

A 21-year-old Morganton man already sentenced to life in prison for plotting to unleash a terrorist attack in behalf of the Islamic State, pleaded guilty Monday morning to the murder of his elderly neighbor.

During a 10 a.m. court hearing in Burke County held under unusually tight security, Justin Sullivan admitted he shot and killed John Bailey Clark in December 2014 as the 74-year-old recluse slept in his bedroom. Federal court documents say Sullivan stole one of his father’s rifles, slipped into Clark’s home just down the street from his parents’ house, and fired three shots into Clark’s head. Clark’s body was found in a shallow grave beside his house.

Under the agreement, Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin of Morganton gave Sullivan another life sentence that would go into effect if he is ever released from federal prison on the ISIS-related charges.

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Last month, Sullivan became the second convicted ISIS conspirator in the United States to be sentenced to life imprisonment. He pleaded guilty to plotting to unleash an attack in western North Carolina in support of what he described as the “Islamic State of North Carolina.”

Federal prosecutors say that in online discussions with an undercover FBI agent, Sullivan said he hoped to kill hundreds in an attack on a concert or club. The federal judge who sentenced Sullivan last month described the plot as “cold and calculating.”

When he talk about one of only two ISIS conspirators to receive life sentences, “I can’t tell right now whether it upsets him or makes him feel special.”

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If all it takes is reading through the Quran or skimming the pages of their online ISIS magazine, “Rumiya,” (meaning “Rome,” as in Christians are the new enemy of Islam) perhaps the Muslims of ISIS are much more clever than we ever imagined.  “J-V team, huh?”

Source:  The Charlotte Observer

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