Muslim Family Demands Employee Uphold Sharia Law, Manager Has 7 Words

Playing the victim card has sadly been a very effective strategy in America for gaining attention to your alleged cause, or perhaps getting some special treatment or even funds. It’s intellectually dishonest, and in its more serious forms, is fraud and extortion, although charges might not be filed as such.

Regardless of whether the case is based on truth or not, claiming one has been a victim of racism, homophobia, or the latest offense, Islamophobia, is a terrific way to get coverage by the media and promote a cause. This is not meant to excuse hateful or discriminatory acts. What is pointed out is that there are those who fake being victims of such acts for their own benefit. That’s the offense.

We have been asked to believe on the word of a Muslim family that bits of bacon were inserted into fourteen sandwiches they purchased from a McDonald’s restaurant in Alabama. We all know eating of pork is considered offensive to Muslims, so there’s the set up. The question is the truth of the story, and whether McDonald’s employees actually committed the offense. After a review, McDonald’s management stated that it was “not an intentional act by our employees.”

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“When a large Muslim family claimed that they had received McChicken sandwiches with small scraps of bacon on each one, countless mainstream news outlets immediately picked up the story and ran it as if the employees had undeniably committed a deliberate hate crime. Taking the family members, who refuse to be named, simply at their word, designated terrorist group CAIR joined the Muslims in demanding the staff be fired and McDonald’s apologize before they file a massive lawsuit against the establishment.”

The odd thing about this is that if discovered, it would be almost impossible for a McDonald’s employee to claim it was an innocent accident that just so happened on that many sandwiches in one order. Hence, such an employee would be taking a great risk, and it would be more likely that such an act would be done only to one or two sandwiches so innocent error could be claimed.

“After it was widely purported that the Muslim family was ‘tricked into eating bacon’ at an Alabama McDonald’s in Decatur, the accuser’s footage of the bacon-tainted sandwiches began to raise suspicious questions that anyone with common sense simply cannot deny. Viewers believe it’s too strange to be a coincidence that a whopping 14 sandwiches were sabotaged since no employee could expect to claim that many wrong orders as an accident. If perhaps 1 or 2 of the meals was ruined, the staff member could easily argue that it was unintentional. However, considering that each sandwich contained a tiny piece of bacon, viewers suspect that it is likely that the family tore up a couple of bacon strips and staged the alleged ‘hate crime’ on all 14 sandwiches.”

This would certainly not be the first time someone faked an incident for personal or financial gain. It happens all the time.

With militant Islam on the move, it is not hard to imagine those who make up maybe a couple percent of our population working to draw attention to their alleged plight through subterfuge such as what is claimed here.

CAIR is set up to accuse individuals and organizations of bigotry and discrimination against Muslims first, and worry about the truth of the claims later. In other words, get the damage done by making the accusation, then if it turns out to be false, be very quiet as the whole thing hopefully just fizzles out without any publicity.

Treating someone’s faith with derision is wrong. But so is manipulating the media and making false claims in order to gain power by achieving victim status. CAIR is far from the most trustworthy organization, and this McDonald’s story seems a bit too tailor-made for their agenda to take at face value.

Source: Mad World News

Source: Fox News

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