Irate Muslim Offended By Border Patrol Denial — What Agents Found On Her Phone Is Outrageous

President Trump wasted no time signing an executive order to ban travel from countries that are known to harbor terrorists, countries that former President Obama had laid out and labelled as dangerous for America.

As expected, those affected by the travel ban are upset that their “freedoms” have been limited and their mobility in and out of the country restricted.

One Muslim woman, Fadwa Alaoui, found this out when she attempted to enter the United States last Saturday. She has now raising the argument that America’s immigration laws being unfairly discriminatory to her.

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But the border agents were not being racist or Islamophobic but simply doing their jobs, protecting the country from “radical Islamic terrorism after they discovered some very disturbing material on the Muslim woman’s cellphone.”

From CBC News:

A woman from the Montreal suburb of Brossard says she was denied entry into the U.S. Saturday after being fingerprinted, photographed and questioned in detail about her religion and her views on U.S. President Donald Trump.

Fadwa Alaoui, a Moroccan-born Canadian citizen who is Muslim and wears a hijab, says she has used her Canadian passport to enter the United States many times without incident to visit her parents and brother, who live there.

She said most of the questions that she faced at the Philipsburg border crossing focused on religion.

“I felt humiliated, treated as if I was less than nothing. It’s as if I wasn’t Canadian,” Alaoui told CBC News in an interview Wednesday.

“He said, ‘Do you practise? Which mosque do you go to? What is the name of the imam? How often do you go to the mosque? What kind of discussions do you hear in the mosque? Does the imam talk to you directly?’” Alaoui said.

Border agents also asked her about Arabic videos on her phone. She said they were videos of daily prayers.

Alaoui said after the questioning, she waited about another hour. The border agents returned and told her she was being denied entry.

“They said, ‘You’re not allowed to go to the United States because we found videos on your phone that are against us,” Alaoui said.

Gateway Pundit stated the woman’s story had some issues to be considered:

#1. She claims that she was treated as if she was nothing, as if she wasn’t a Canadian. Just because she immigrated from Canada and was made a Canadian citizen doesn’t mean that she is somehow special and that she deserves special treatment from the United States.

#2. She claims that Border Patrol agents asked her about specific religious questions and that they targeted her because of her religion. Absolutely none of what she said has been proven to be true and Freedom Of Religion is only guaranteed to citizens of the United States, not citizens of foreign countries looking to enter the United States.

#3. Assuming that Border Patrol agents did in fact look through her cell phone and found materials that were against America what they found were most likely not videos of Muslims praying. It is extremely obvious when Muslims pray because they pray on special rugs or mats while on their knees. Border agents wouldn’t have asked about that because it would have been very obvious. Instead, border agents most likely found materials that were suspect.

#4. The Muslim faith promotes lying and says that it is okay to deceive non-Muslims, it’s called Taqiyya.

#5. Muslims have been caught making up dozens of ‘Fake Hate’ crimes in which they claim they were attacked because they were Muslim and they usually associate the attack somehow to President Trump. Fake Hate crimes are a serious criminal offense and have lead to the arrests of many Muslims.

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Under Obama’s watch, we saw terrorists grow in power. We saw western Europe invaded by hordes of refugees, supposedly fleeing the war-torn regions they were from, only to begin terrorizing the countries who took them.

Now, President Trump is working tirelessly to see that America is protected, unlike the way France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, and others have suffered with an explosion of violence at the hands of barbaric Muslims.

If immigrants wish to come to America, they will just have to tolerate the inconvenience at the border because it’s what’s necessary to ensure that America remains a safe haven in the world! And we thank the border patrol agents who protected America!

Source: Mad World News, The Gateway Pundit

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