Muslim Students DEMAND Prayer Room — School DELIVERS Brutal Reality Check!

There is a sense of entitlement that Muslims sometimes display that borders on superiority. What these people are not looking for is the freedom to worship, but rather an acknowledgment that their faith must be treated as though it were more important than others.

Universities are often secular institutions that do not exist for the purpose of the promotion one religion over another, or in may cases, for the promotion any religion at all. They permit students to worship as they please, but do not take positions on matters of faith. That’s considered to be a personal decision for each student.

When a group of Muslim students appropriated an area for their prayer space, they expected exclusive use of it. The university corrected their their mistaken belief by declaring the space is available for everybody.

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“[The] Independent reports that the prestigious school [the University of East Anglia] boldly removed a room which Muslim students had overtaken for their prayer sessions, blocking them from bowing to Allah by placing exam takers inside just before Ramadan. Reportedly, the school will transform the room into a large corridor.”

The Muslim students believed that being deprived of their own private space and being forced to use a multi-faith area with the rest of the students was discriminatory, an accusation that is obviously absurd.

“Outraged that they no longer had a special room segregated from all other faiths, the Muslim minority demanded the school give back the area. Without hesitation, the university dismissed their ultimatum, informing them that there is a ‘lack of space’ during finals and that these exams are the school’s priority, not religious compulsions.”

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Imagine a university placing the administration of final exams as a top priority, even over the alleged needs of Muslim students for their exclusive use of school property for their prayer space.

Here’s the school’s policy that Muslims must follow, just like everyone else.

“As part of a £2m investment in new library study spaces and the complete refurbishment of the University’s main lecture theaters the use of a prayer facility near Lecture Theatre 2 will be temporarily unavailable for safety reasons during the building works…As a result, during this period, the main worship space in the University’s Multi-Faith Centre* will be available to Muslim students for Friday prayers.”

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Their entitlement mentality didn’t work. Perhaps because it has in so many other instances, these Muslim students thought they could get away with such demands at this school. Instead they found out that they would be treated like those of any other faith.

Congratulations to the university for not giving in to unreasonable demands for preferential treatment.

Source: Mad World News

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