Fired Muslim Cop Demands Job Back, Claiming Discrimination, Islamophobia — Boss Has Perfect Response

The left encourages the practice of identity politics. In fact, it’s about all that remains to hold its various factions together. So what we’re stuck with from the liberals is the promotion of victim-hood among various minority groups in an attempt to cobble together a winning coalition.

There’s no place for the anti-war advocate here. Nor is there really a place for organized labor or Roman Catholics, long assumed to be natural parts of the Democratic Party. Instead there is an odd mix of feminists, pro-abortion advocates, militant black groups, open borders advocates who support the elimination of immigration laws, gay rights proponents, and pro-Muslim advocates. Good luck getting that collection to agree on a broad platform that actually says anything significant.

An example of the fruits of this is the case of Muslim man who was fired from his job as a police officer. As is often the case, he claims he was dismissed in an act of discrimination by leaders who he alleged to be Islamophobes. Turns out that the truth, which came out in court, is that he was fired for committing felonies while on the job as a police officer, not because of his faith.

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“After losing his job as a deputy at a Florida police department, an ex-cop immediately sued, claiming that his former coworkers had discriminated against him with racist and Islamophobic comments. As soon as the Sheriff was notified of the lawsuit, he offered a simple yet brilliant reply that utterly destroyed the accusation.

“In November 2015, Waleed Albakri filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, alleging that both his ex-coworkers and former employer displayed ‘Islamophobia’ and harassed him for being a Muslim, WESH 2 reports. Albakri accused the non-Muslim officers of mocking him with comments such as ‘terrorist’ and saying that he’d ‘never be an American.’ He was also upset that the department had refused his demand for special accommodation to fast during the month of Ramadan. Subsequently, Albakri demanded monetary compensation for ’emotional pain, suffering, and humiliation’ as well as reinstatement as Deputy at the sheriff’s office.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing particularly surprising about this. Mr. Albakri has just grabbed the identity politics ball and run with it. However, things did not turn out as he planned.

“Instead of caving to Albakri’s outrageously entitled demands, the sheriff’s office quietly responded by providing the court and media with the Muslim ex-deputy’s sordid criminal record. Albakri’s history at the department includes several major instances of corruption and serious federal crimes that occurred while he was working as an officer of the law. Additionally, the sheriff’s office reminded the judge and news outlets that Albakri wasn’t complaining about harassment or discrimination until after he was fired for his crimes.

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“The Orlando Sentinel reports that a federal jury ultimately determined the Orange County Sheriff’s Office never harassed or discriminated against Albakri during his employment from 2008 to 2014, prompting the judge to rule in favor of the department. Albakri’s requests for damages and re-employment were denied, echoing a major failure in his nearly 2-year civil rights case.”

While our laws should apply equally to all, when one takes on the responsibility of enforcing those laws it’s not unreasonable to expect such a person to be held to a higher standard. Instead, according to court records, Albakri not only failed to uphold the law, but committed felonies during his tenure as a cop. This should be cause for immediate dismissal and for being referred for criminal prosecution.

You cannot be a good victim if you are caught committing felonies since it makes it tougher for the attorneys who work for liberal activist groups to press your case and theirs. Mr. Albakri blew it when he chose to commit crimes during his tenure as a cop.

Clearly, CAIR and other radical Muslim groups are not doing a very good job of instructing their supporters in how to appear to be good victims.

Source: Mad World News

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