Muslim Cleric Stuns World Silent When He Claims That “There Can Only Be One…”

Those who wish to portray Islam as a religion of peace have a serious problem. That would be the multitude of adherents to their faith who are anything but peaceful. Islamic and other scholars can debate the proper interpretation of the Koran and which sect is correct, but that doesn’t help those who were killed by those who proclaimed their allegiance to Islam.

There is no intention here to claim competent Islamic scholarship. Yet it’s not hard to find passages in the Koran instructing jihadists to kill off or otherwise persecute those who do not hold to Islamic teachings. That’s just a matter of reading the thing. For those who believe those excerpts are to be understood figuratively and not at all literally, terrific. Now explain that to those who are ready to put those teachings into effect in western nations in the most literal and violent of ways.

Muslim cleric Abu Qatada is of the sect that believes that true Islam is not peaceful at all. He takes the position that the Muslim faith demands that its adherents raid all the homes of unbelievers and engage in violent confrontation. Those who want non-Muslims to believe their faith is one of peace, and that misanthropes such as Qatada hold to an aberrant view of Islam, have a serious problem on their hands. One such problem is that because of the violence committed on behalf of Islam, and the words of people like Qatada, such as “There can be only one outcome: confrontation,” the concept of Islam as a peaceful faith must be rejected.

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The Middle East Media Research Institute (MERMI) has this to offer:

“In a recent address, Salafi Jordanian cleric Abu Qatada Al-Filistini said that if Muslims adopt the ‘banner of true Islam,’ they would be upholding an Islam that implements the prophecies about ‘entering each and every home’ and ‘raiding Rome.’ ‘There can be only one outcome: confrontation,’ said Abu Qatada, whose real name is Omar Mahmoud Othman. The address was posted on his YouTube channel on August 12.”

You can watch the shocking video HERE.

Tragically, there is nothing peaceful there. Anyone want this fellow and his followers living nearby?

There is neither any desire nor joy involved with observing the acts of Muslims and concluding that the faith has a strong strain of violence running through it. In fact, one does not need to in any way be an opponent of Islam to see it. Qatada just admitted it himself as we see in the above quotes.

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Equally tragically, he has a lot of company. What makes matters even worse is these murderous jihadists often use subterfuge and various disguises in carrying out their terrorist acts. All the good will in the world will not bring those they killed back to life.

If the west is to survive it must come to the sullen conclusion that there are enough Muslims who hold to a violent interpretation of their religion to be a danger. And even those who do not necessarily present a physical danger, are often working diligently to undermine western culture, jurisprudence, and ways of life. They will have to be stopped, and hopefully by peaceful measures.

Source: MEMRI TV , MEMRI TV , Jihad Watch

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