Muslim Refugee Thug Attempts To Rape Young Woman, Then A Miracle Happens!

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are Muslims who take the teachings of their faith regarding the superiority of men over women as license to engage in hideous crimes. It is with no pleasure that this observation is made, but it’s a conclusion that is pretty hard to miss.

When an ideology or religion condones the beating of wives and related crimes against women, human nature should cry out against such cruelty. It’s indefensible, and those on the left who have historically claimed to be champions of women’s rights are hypocrites when they do not speak out against such practices.

One such Muslim man captured a young woman with the intention of raping her, but fortunately for her, three young men observed the offense and came to her rescue. As a result, the perpetrator is receiving justice for his crime.

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“As a young woman was walking through a parking lot in Canterbury, England, on November 5, failed Muslim ‘child refugee’ Housny Boulaiz, 18, pounced on her in a vicious sex attack.”

“The Sun reports that just as Boulaiz was about to rape the girl, 3 good Samaritans rounded the corner and immediately sprang into action. Without hesitation, heroic infidels Edd Withers, 30, Charlie Vanstone, 23, and Same Eagleson, 23, set upon the Moroccan illegal immigrant. Terrified at the sight of them, the cowardly Muslim migrant showed his true nature, hastily fleeing the outraged trio.”

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So this is how this immigrant planned to repay England for allowing him to live in the country, by committing rape. Fortunately, he was stopped by these three young men and later caught by the police.

According to Breitbart, “Judge Heather Norton described the failed asylum seeker of no fixed abode as ‘well-practised and predatory.’ Sentencing him to serve his time at a young offender’s institute, she told the Moroccan: ‘It is likely at the end of your sentence you will be deported – but that’s not a matter for me.'”

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Of course he should be deported. That’s obvious. He was offered the privilege of living in England, and went on to abuse that privilege by committing a vicious crime that would have been even worse had those three young heroes not intervened.

While it’s not politically correct to make such an observation, more care and restrictions over who is allowed into Western nations would go a long way to preventing such tragedies. Aggressive prosecution and deportation of those migrants who do abuse the privileges extended to them is essential of Western society is even to survive.

Source: Mad World News

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