Muslim Students Make ABSURD Demand From College, Americans Are Downright ANGRY!

With so many groups clamoring for government benefits, it’s difficult sometimes to determine the pecking order. Lately it’s been illegal immigrants who’ve seemed to be winning the race, however they do have competition.

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There must be a limit to how large the socialist welfare programs can become relative to the size of the economy before things start going very wrong. While it’s easy to expand benefits, it might be much more painful for politicians to reel them in should a day of reckoning be forced on them.

Pity the poor sods who get stuck with that unenviable task. No doubt they’ll feel cheated out of the fun their predecessors had in creating all these benefit programs. With Muslim groups having been relatively recent guests at the party, would they be the first to get the boot if the government cash runs out? Apparently no one is considering that as the demands of Muslim students are only growing.

We’ll examine those demands in the light of recent happenings at Luther College in Minnesota. The group in question is named “Concerned Students” with a bunch more words added to that title that just create confusion. The point is what they are requesting.  This group has outlined “19 actions that its members believe will ‘maximize the well-being of all students’ reports Campus Reform.”

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That sounds very nice. And having been students once ourselves, we’re all for maximizing students’ well-being. What have they in mind? ‘Establish and fund a bi-monthly shuttle service for students to visit the Masjed Abubakr Al-Siddiq in Rochester, MN, free of charge,’ states one such request, referring to a mosque that is located an hour and a half away from campus.”

Huh? What happened to maximizing the well-being of all students? And since when did it become the responsibility of a college to take students to and from worship services anywhere, let alone to a facility an hour and a half from campus?

You might think this is an isolated instance. You would be mistaken. No less than Columbia University is receiving the same sort of demands as Muslim students there “are demanding a full-time religious advisor and a permanent prayer space accessible during academic breaks.” They also demand that this Islamic prayer space be accessible to non-students from the community with all the concerns that creates.

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Well, these Muslim students may have been a bit late to the benefits party, but they have caught on very well. But there’s a problem. When it is discovered that the ability of governments and private institutions to fund benefits programs is not unlimited, which groups will be the first to feel the cuts?

With the number of interest groups receiving those benefits, it’s not going to be a pretty sight.

Source: Mad World News

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