Mother Demands Apology From School For Not Allowing Son To Kneel During Pledge, School Has 7 Words For Her

It used to be that people believed that sports figures stood for morals and values and their very presence on the field was met with pride in the fanbase. They were role models to the young children who pretended to be their favorite sports hero or legend. Parents often used the sports figures to explain valuable lessons about hard work and integrity and good sportsmanship.

That all disappeared by the 1970s when sports figures began to disrespect each other, the umpires and referees, their coaches, the fans and themselves. Many of these sports legends were more about making themselves a spectacle than about being role models for the children. With the current flap about the NFL (as well as the MLB) “taking a knee” during the National Anthem, some insist that these will not influence the youth of the nation.

A six-year-old Florida boy on Monday morning decided to “take a knee” during the Pledge of Allegiance and was then told by the teacher that they normally stand for the pledge. The mother received a text about the incident and was fit to be tied that her son was publicly “admonished” for the gesture and demands an apology! But the school stood firm and replied with these 7 words: we stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

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The mother of a 6-year-old Florida boy who took a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance on Monday morning criticized the way the school handled the incident.

Eugenia McDowell told ABC News that her son knelt down during the daily pledge to the flag at Wiregrass Elementary School in Wesley Chapel, Florida. The incident occurred after a weekend of demonstrations across the NFL in which many players, owners, and teams engaged in peaceful protests by sitting, kneeling or locking arms during the national anthem.

McDowell said she did not know her son was going to kneel and was informed of the incident in a text message from the boy’s teacher Monday evening.

The message, seen by ABC News, read: “I knew where he had seen it [going down on one knee], but I did tell him that in the classroom, we are learning what it means to be a good citizen, we’re learning about respecting the United States of America and our country symbols and showing loyalty and patriotism and that we stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.”

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McDowell said her son was publicly admonished for his gesture of silent protest, a move she said stifles his voice and freedom of speech. But according to Pasco County School District Spokesperson Linda Cobbe, the boy’s teacher does not believe any other students saw her admonishment. Cobbe said the teacher mouthed the words, “We stand for the pledge” in response to the boy’s decision to take a knee.

“Our policy — and state law, for that matter — requires that a parent submit a request in writing that their student be exempted from participating in the pledge,” Cobbe told ABC News.

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In their defense, the school officials are right in saying that they are attempting to teach rules and good behavior by having everyone observe the school’s bylaws. If the parent was so concerned that her child was going to be “subjected to the racist Pledge of Allegiance,” why didn’t she send a note with her child to the school to explain his position more clearly.

The simple fact is that this nonsense will continue to spread throughout the African-American community, with the rest being guilted into following along with the anti-American rant from a bunch of spoiled, bratty, over-coddled millionaires playing a child’s game as their career! Perhaps, they’ll be happy when every child in school begins disrespecting the country as well.

Source: ABC News

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